Im Glynn & I Like Tobacco, that says it all really. My life is filled with tobacco, not only am i big smoker i work in the trade (as a retailer). Which puts me in only one bad place to be, i end up spending so much money on this passion of mine. This blog, twitter and Facebook groups are my place to spout MY opions and ideas.

About my love of Tobacco

Well if it wasnt for the “Devils Weed” this blog wouldn’t exist. Not only do i smoke & sell tobacco, i chew, sniff, blend, roll, grow, write & read (all) about it. Like many people of my generation, i began smoking cigarettes on the school field and friends houses who had “cool parents”. When i started working for Gauntleys 6-7  years ago, i dived into the trade. Within 2 weeks i had smoked 10 pipe tobaccos, 5 cigars and tried snuff. Now i am proud to say i have tried a lot of the UK tobaccos and 100′s more not available in the UK.  I do often feel like a tobacco snob, when a friend offers me a cigarette or his tobacco pouch and i want to say no!

My blending started as a big a fun with rolling tobaccos, trying to replicate the blend Flemming mentioned Bond smoking in Casio Royale. After i got a feel for that, i tuned to pipes. My first blend was a Latakia mixture with a twist. Using a lightly cased Cavendish & cigar leaf ontop of a strong Virginia & Kentucky base. It now out sells any other Latakia blend in the shop. Armed with ego boost i started creating more blend, for both customers and stock lines(view my blends page). One day i would like to try exporting my blends.

My passion for pipe tobacco and pipes has led me to setup the (new) Nottingham Pipe Club. It is a more a Pipe Tobacco club, we have samples for every meeting. The chance to sample tobacco in 12.5g packs is great, even for blends that come in 100g tins. We do things a little different and as a result we have a very wide range of members from Retired Engineers to Students and Stream Engine drivers to warehouse workers. If you wanted to come join us, we dont mind if you didnt want to sample tobaccos. Even none pipe smokers come along, to sit with us and join us for a ciggy or cigar. For more info visit www.nottinghamtobacco.co.uk

GQ Tobaccos

After starting working in the tobacco trade nearly 9.5 years ago, i have always wanted to have my own outfit. Towards the end of 2013, i finially took the plunge and left my previous employer. GQ Tobaccos is a mail order specialist tobacconist, were we concentrate on Pipes, Pipe Tobaccos and Snuffs. Without the need to sell cigarettes, rolling tobaccos and even cigars (for the moment). Working closely with my family and contacts in the industry, i am bringing new products to smokers around the world.

GQ Blends sit at the core of the website, with 14 blends already in production and many more in the Pipeline. Many of these blends are reworks of tobaccos i have been making for 6 years at my last post, none are the same though, all fresh starts on classic tobaccos. Through careful experiementation i have been able to produce the first Krumble Kake tobaccos in the UK and with a little more time will be making flakes and plugs too. These tobaccos are all made to be different from the tobaccos already on sale in the UK, no one wants another version of Brand X. My love for dark and pungent leaves; Kentucky, Perique and Latakia feature heavily in the blends. Fear not within the selection lives some mellower and aromatic tobaccos, again not your usual sweet goopy, black cavendish blends.