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Dunhill -Deluxe Nay Rolls (SOLD OUT)

Now i know i said its coming back, but ive managed to get my mits on 10 (well 9 now) tins of aged Deluxe Navy Rolls from a customer who cellar and ages tobaccos. Over the years he has changed his style of tobacco from Escudo to Plain Virginia blends.

So we have some of this tobacco the age has really brought the flavours out im about 70% the way through my tin, i havnt had any navy rolls for over 5 years so my comparison isnt prefect but its smokes like a dream, much tastier and cooler to the other Escudo blends we offer.

The £12.95 a tin might seem high but for something as rare as this with the added age its not that steep.

If  you cant wait till June or really want to try the aged rolls please drop me an email or call the shop (0115 9110555) and ask for Glynn

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