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Glynns Mixture (26/06/10)

Now each week i make a different rolling tobacco blend for my self. I normally go on a whim each time. Last Saturday i made a strong blend without any Perique or Latakia. I wanted something with a cool smoke and good amount of body to it.


25g Cross Roads Original (Virginia, Burley & Oriental)
5g Kendals Kentucky Shag
5g McConnells Turkish Shag
5g Kendal No7 Aromatic (Dark, Chocolate aroma)
5 g Brookfield Tubing

The blend looks a lot like a pipe mixture, dark and thick in parts. The aroma is enough to make me smoke a lot throughout the day…..ha now i have an excuse. The first time i smoked this it was a little slow burning and oh boy it was full bodied. As the tobacco dried out in my leather pouch a little, the burn rate picked up a little. The tobacco has remained a little to strong to smoke at the rate i do. I think next week i will remove the Kentucky and pop in a little lighter aromatic, maybe the No.6 Aromatic.

The Turkish has really absorbed the rich No7 flavours, the base of the Crossroads is still there with its sweet honey flavours. The Kentucky’s strong smokey flavours are still there. The brookfield has totally been lost in the blend.


Strength .. Medium – Full
Smoke Heat .. Cool
Flavour ..Rich and Strong

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  • if i wanted a mivture of rolling tobaccos what would i have to do ?

  • If you want this mix i can whip you some up. It will cost

    £6.30 (CrossRoads)
    £0.98 (Kentucky)
    £0.98 (No 7)
    £1.07 (Turkish)
    £1.09 (BrookField)
    £10.42 for 45grams of tobacco.

  • cool do you use twitter much ?
    and also what do you think of dunhill blue cigarettes ?

  • I dont use anything on the internet to talk to people. I dont have much free time to spend talking to people online. Im either working or reading articles.

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