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Blue Ridge “Smoking Tobacco”

Now im unsure on this! Is it a pipe/shag tobacco or a rolling tobacco?? Im guessing, that at £4 for 25g its a shag. So dont go putting it in rizla my friends, or your local stockist will get anally raped by Customs!

After a few gaps had appeared on our gantry i opted to get in a mega budget blend. In the end i opted for the Blue Ridge. So today we cracked a pack open and was shocked to discover it smells a lot like McConnells Turkish shag, but looks like a Mixed Virginia. The pack states a blend of the finest Virginia, cured & Matured. It certainly smokes a lot like a mixed Virginia, but is a little bland. The tobacco doesn’t have any real character.

Maybe this blend would be good as a base for either a rolling, tubing or a pipe mixture, but on its own its a little dull. But again at £4 for 25gram you cant grumble. I remember making the mistake of buying some Fosters from the local off licence, i worked at 9 years ago. Its a million miles better than bag of dried stems and low grade leaf.

So if you looking for a smooth budget tobacco then the Blue Ridge is worth a try!

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