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Dubai – Day 4 (Sat 18th Sept)

Ha guess what, i ventured to ANOTHER tobacconist. The Smokers Center, the manager there was a cool guy. It was nice to trade tips and see how other tobacconists are run. They had a large humidor but to be honest it lacked variation. many of the Common Havana brands, EVERYTHING by Davidoff. But there was a few gem. The 1888 Villigers, which i have wanted to try for a while. The Playboy cigars and complete lines of Macanudo. So i ended up spending a fair whack again (the prices in this tobacconist where a lot higher than local shops!

Villiger 1888 – Petit Robusto – 59dh (£11.80)
Griffin – Maduro 5000 – 41dh (£8.20)
Domincan Estates – Corona 15dh (£3.00)
Macanudo Maduro – Hampton Court – [about] 40dh (£8.00)
20 x Dunhill Fine Cut Black – [about] 10dh (£2.00)
20 x Golden Gate – Full Flavour – 3dh (60p)

If i can find the receipt i will give you the prices on these. The Golden Gate are a cheap/budget cigarette, the Manager from “The Smokers Cenre” smoked them. I didnt smoke any big cigars on the Saturday, as we where out and about a lot. I have however re-discovered my love for staights.

Dunnhill Fine Cut – Black

When i messed my thumb up at bingo….YES BINGO!!! I couldnt roll and being a fan of straights(factory made cigarettes), i smoked a lot of the Standard Dunhill Reds. The 100% pure tobacco combined with Dunhills Re-Loc system produced, a smooth smoke which tasted like the rolling baccys i mix. So when i heard about both Top Leaf and Fine Cut i was expecting something spectacular! So as you can imagine i was twitching to try these. With”This extremely smooth tasting blend is crafted with tobaccos cut beyond ordinary standards into 46 cuts per inch” printed on the pack only made this worse. This is where the excitement ends!! Unappealing the RELOC cover i was greeted with a very sweet/sickly aromatic aroma, not a great start. I was expecting the rich Virginian aroma found in the International and standard ranges. The cigarettes are of the 100′s size, but they feel a little thinner. The filter has a nice Oriental pattern on them, ohhhh. The aroma put me off somewhat, but hey im here so I’m trying as much as i can! They taste like typical budget English Cigarettes (JPS, Mayfair, L&B etc). Dry very artificial flavours, harsh and have a very nasty after taste. I have so far smoked 2 of these and i doubt i will have any more. So when i get back there 18 if anyone wants any!

Golden Gate – Full Flavour

Now for 60p a pack, form an expensive shop i wasn’t expecting much. But seeing as so many people ask what i smoke and buy that, i figured it was only fair to do the same. They are an American blend, which also set alarm bells ringing! I dislike Marlboro, Lucky Strike and Winston so, well you know. But on opening the pack i could smell that typical American aroma, sweet with the roasted edge. On lighting one of these bad boys up, wow i was shocked, smooth and they tasted “NATURAL” reminded me alot of the Crossroads Original blend. The tobacco doesn’t taste dry at all. No lingering aftertaste at all! I have so far only had a few bits from each pack i have brought. But the Golden Gate are a smoke i keep smoking, only 1 left now so im saving that! If you are ever anywhere that sells these, please do your self a favour and BUY!. If anyone from Imperial, BAT or Gallahers(JTI) see this, you really should import these, i know i could sell them all day long at Gauntleys!

That sums up my smoking for Saturday. I had a few more of the Captain Blacks, but mainly i couldnt stop smoking the Golden Gates. A bit of Wii and some chilling topped of the day.

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