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Dubai – Day 7 (Tues 21st Sept)

After not really smoking much on the Monday, other than my crossroads and finishing off the Golden Gate ciggies. I figured it was time for a bigger smoke. So on the Tuesday we headed out for ladies night….yes ladies night. The bars offer cheap drink and an excuse for Expat women to meet up and drink far to much. We started at the Observatory on the 52nd floor of the Mariot hotel, right on the beach just east of the Palm. The view was amazing, you could see for miles. After that we headed to the Madinat Jumeriah, a complex of Souks, bars and restaurants. After a few beers I cracked the Griffins Maduro 500 out.

Griffin – Maduro 500

Rolled in : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Connecticut
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
Size: 5″ x 46

This cigar looks well made, The rich chocolate maduro wrapper, has a small amount of teeth. The cigar has the rich, sweet aroma of a fine Maduro cigar. Already I like this cigar. The cut was easy and the pre light draw proved this was going to a sweet and aromatic smoke, with its herby flavour. The light was easy a few turns and I was in business. The initial draws produced a rich and sweet smoke. While being fairly light, the complex flavours developed almost instantly. A herby smoke, that had a chickeny side, according to Kim (yeah chicken!) The smoke became creamier as I ventured through the first third. The burn was very off, at one point it was a good 1/4” off on one side. The ash seemed to fall far too easily, the main issue was the lack of cone when it did fall. This allowed me to touch light (for the first time). The 1/3 ended much as it had begun.

The second third, saw the burn stay nice and level. (TO BEGIN WITH!) The body picked up a little, as you would expect with a maduro wrapper. The flavours subsided all at this point, becoming less sweet and loosing the herby aromatic edge. The cigar still smoked perfectly, no need to take a first draw to get the thing going. The drop in sweetness didn’t upset me too much, the rich dark filler tobacco tasted fantastic (or was this the beer?). I have always been a little warry of the other “Davidoff” lines. Only the Avos really get me excited, the others are just the same as the standard Davidoff lines. Towards the end of the middle run, the burn had gone haywire again, bringing with it a hotter smoking experience. The increase in body didnt stop with the middle run, it became Medium-Full bodied in the final 1/3. This increase in body, produced a meaty smoke. Still remaining creamy and smooth. The aromatic flavours varied from the herbs to armoatic black honey. A finger burner, right to the very end!

I really really enjoyed the Griffin, the sweet aromatic flavours combined with creamy smoke made for a great smoke. I can me stocking these in the shop very soon. My only complaint was with the burn, but looking at the cap. I would say its a very thick wrapper, it needed a touch here and there to keep her on the straight and narrow. If you like the CAO Maduros (Gold, Brazilia & Italian) then this is a great alternative for you. Not as powerful as the Rocky Patel 90 & 92 Vintage but still enough flavour to keep the more hardcore Maduros fans happy and smooth enough for novice smokers. A great smoke.

Construction .. 9/10
Burn .. 6/10
Flavour (1/3) .. 7/10
Flavour (2/3) .. 7/10
Flavour (3/3) .. 9/10

Overall .. 7.5/10

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