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Dubai – Day 8 (Wed 22nd Sept)

We had a busy day, i cant remember what we did….All i remember is that i smoked the following cigar,  and that’s because i write tasting notes.

Don Antonio “Red” Churchill

I got these cigars at the duty free, it was 10dh at the tills. So for about £2 i got my hands on a tubed Churchill. After trying to do a little reading about the Red Edition, i couldn’t find anything about them. Which is a little strange, but hey what am i going to do.

Rolled in : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Connecticut or Sumatran (The standard range are Sum.)
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
Size: 7″ x 47 (maybe 6 7/8″ x 50+ – it seemed thicker than a 47)

I was expecting this cigar to have the typical tubed Dominican/Nicaraguan aroma. But i was a little shocked to smell a fruity/berry aroma, nothing artificial but a really fruity smell. The cigar looks well made,  a few cracks on the foot but nothing bigger than 5-6mm. The cap looked really odd, it seemed to be 3-4 times longer(down to the cigar) than you would expect!. The cut a nightmare, it seems to break rather than cut. The pre light draw seemed to have a slightly artificial berry flavour. I did have to draw a little too hard, even for a cigar this size. 3-4 small splits in the wrapper and a toothy/veiny leaf, not sleak at all. The light was easy a few turns. I was a little disappointed to discover the cigar initially tasted flat. Subtle hints of leather could be detected, but other than that the cigar was very light and bland. The after taste was a little typical for a Dominican, which seemed to be stronger tasting than the cigar. As I made my way along the first third, a few sweeter almost aromatic flavours came through. But to start with I wasn’t impressed! Which was a bummer considering how big the cigar was. The draw seemed very easy for a cigar this big, especially after the pre light draw seemed quite difficult. Although it did smoke very fast!

This all changed as I entered the middle. One moment im smoking something subtly bland and light. The next BAM the cigar changed! The body really grew, dragging the flavours along with it. A herby and fruity(berry) smoke came from nowhere. Still the cigar remained smooth, even with this climb in body. A slight hint of cream began to develop, along with it came a very complex smoke. The subtle leather had grown and half way through the middle run it went crazy. The smoke became sweeter and a complex array of flavours came out. It seemed to change with each draw, the slight creaminess had gone being replaced a (with what I can only call) waxy smoke. The flavours ranged from Espresso to Earthy/dirty flavours with a hint of the berry. A total transformation found in the first 1/3. As I ventured into the final 2inches, the chopping and changing took on a totally new edge. The smoke seemed to be on Steroids, the cigar had gone from Light too Light-Medium and now it sat neatly Medium bodied verging on Full. Hints of spices, sweetness, woods but no more berry. The espresso flavours bloomed with this increase in smoke. I did have to cut the cap end off a little, as im a wet smoker and longer length means I teeth grip a little too much. The cigars seemed to keep on giving until the very end. The final 1 inch (minus the 1/2′” stub I leave)or so seemed to get very tangy and spicy. A slightly bitter almost salty side came in, and I almost had the hiccups I became so rich/strong. So I left a little more than I would have wanted, but still a good hour and 20 minute smoke.

Wow  this cigar, really made me smile. Such a dynamic and complex smoke, the range of flavours and strengths was amazing. It’s a shame I can’t any info on these, its either there new and only for the Dubai Duty Free or they were rejected by most importers. The cigar began so flat, I was going to review this as a light Dominican. The berry aroma I could smell(and anyone near me for that) didn’t come through well in the smoke itself that well. I cant really say anything bad about this cigar, I even enjoyed the salty and ridiculously strong finish. The Cain is the only cigar ive smoked (since I began smoking cigars) that has had me on the verge of hiccups. If you are a fan of complex and strong smokes, I really suggest you get a flight to Dubai just too get your hands on a few (50 is your limit, nudge nudge wink wink). Im lost for words, other than to say OH HELLS YEAH!!! Also the burn was a bit hit and miss, needed a few touch lights.

Construction .. 7/10
Burn .. 8/10
Flavour (1/3) .. 7/10
Flavour (2/3) .. 9/10
Flavour (3/3) .. 9/10

Overall .. 8/10

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  • Hi there,

    I bought the same cigar from Dubai some weeks ago, and decided finally to smoke it yesterday with a friend. I’m a newbie to cigar smoking, so I think I might have made some mistakes.

    First of all, we did it outside yesterday, the temperature was around 18 Degrees C and it was not too humid, but not dry either. Is this a right place to smoke? Or would the cold be degrade the burn?

    In anycase, I found that this cigar does not burn properly, and I had to relight more than 4 or 5 times, and we have to keep puffing it just to make sure the coal does not go out.

    Most of the time, the smoke tasted bitter, this could be due to the relighting. But I found the draw was not good… even the pre-light draw was not very smooth…

    I did not find the construction very pleasing either, the foot of the cigar was starting to peel as soon as I remove the cellophane… the cigar feels a bit loose and uneven to the touch along the whole length.

    Perhaps because of my inexperience, I find this a very bad experience compare to my previous smoke, which was a Villiger 1888 Robusto…

    Cheers and thanks in advance for any pointers that you would give to a newbie.


  • thanks for posting this, my wife is an international flight attendant and picked one up for me, looking forward to enjoying it.

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