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La Aurora – Sublime

Now I have ended up with a few of these and I know I was going to review them over Christmas (Yes Tom I admit it, I didn’t). I already stock these and the feedback so far has been good. So after a disaster of dinner, I poured a glass of port and started hunting (again) for a cutter.

Rolled in : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Cameroon
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
Size: 5″ x 38

Cigar came tubed, I’m not normally a fan of cigars from the tube. So this one has been sat in the humidor with the lid off, for a few months now. The wrapper has a glossiness to it, almost copper like. This is where the metal comparison ends. The wrapper reminds me very much of the Cameroon wrappers from the Fuentes, sandpaper like texture. Cutting was a breeze with one of my cheap credo twin blades. The light was easy, 2 small cedar matches and a few slow turns. Once the initial hot first 2 draws where through, the cigar was there banging on my taste buds. The flavour is something of a tease in the beginning. If you draw slowly, the cigar rapidly grows in complexity but then stops. Once you start exhaling, the bottom falls out. The flavours drop away and you are left with a toasted wood finish. The complex barrage on the inhale is rich and earthy. The smoke is smooth and easy, all the while its still a little light really.

As I entered the middle run, the cigar seemed to come out of hiding. The inhale lost its sudden rush of complexity and seemed to level out. The draws now had a leathery/earthy flavour, almost meaty. Luckily the flavours didn’t fall down, they seemed to get a little more bitter if anything. More body coming through, with the development of flavours. The remainder of the middle slog, seemed to get hotter and more bitter. By the time I was at the start of the final third, the cigar seemed to have settled down a little(after tapping the ash). The bitterness seemed to be subsiding a little and more earthy tones came through. The aftertaste seemed to get a little richer too. Almost coffee beans, but can’t really put my finger on it. The heat was also becoming a bitch, if this was Gold Virginia pipe blend I would understand. Getting a little strong by this point as well, I can see why Andy suddenly took a disliking to one of these. Towards the very end it seemed to give up more treats. A little sweetness and spice, with a hint of licorice. Really cheered me up, the cigar seemed so flat and one dimensional now. Finished on a sweet licotice with a slowly rising spice on the exhale. Long lingering taste of earth and leather afterwards.

The Aurora for a £6 corona in a tube isn’t bad,. Enough umph for those looking for a stronger smoke, on their journey through the marques and blends. The beginning really took me back! A barrage of flavours then gone, like bad gas. The middle and most of the final parts, never really went anywhere. I enjoyed the earthy flavours and hints of spice, but I want some dynamics. I guess I was expecting a lot from a budget Dominican. On a plus side another Dominican that’s not too light to have any flavour. No complaints on the constriction or burn, at all 10/10 (x2) If you’re on a budget and want something tubed, grab the Aurora Sublimes, but if you want something complex and exciting look elsewhere.

Construction .. 10/10
Burn .. 10/10
Flavour (1/3) .. 8/10
Flavour (2/3) .. 6/10
Flavour (3/3) .. 7/10
Overall .. 8.2/10

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