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Pall Mall Rolling Tobacco

Now im sure this only went a year or so ago, but Pall Mall Rolling tobacco is back. I used to smoke this as part of mix, 50% Pall Mall to 50% Samson Green Or Old Holborn Yellow. But seeing as all 3 went, I have had to change it up a lot. At first I wasn’t going to re-stock this tobacco, our gantry is only so big ‘n all. So with a little re-jigging we (well Justin) decided to get it back i

The order arrived on Tuesday and I didn’t unpack it until last night. So on a cold January morning, armed with only my cup of tea and 15% awakeness. I cracked open a packed. The aroma of Dark Virginia greets you, with an underlying chocolaty sweetness. The consistency is as you would expect with a mass produce blend, is 95% fine cut and 5% stems and chunks of leaves. The tobacco is very damp, but hey at £2.79 for 12.5g I don’t mind paying a little more for moisture. The tobacco looks and smells the same as I remember, but does it taste the same??

With the mixture being moist, I rolled it loose. I need to be careful though, been smoking a lot of crossroads lately and that’s rather dry in comparison! I used green papers (medium weight) and an extra slim filter. The fine cut makes for easy rolling, the few big bits are easy to remove. On lighting, all the flavours came back. Rich and sweet with a toasted taste. It is a little stronger than I remember as well, a few healthy coughs and splutters. Even with the added moisture, this tobacco smokes quickly and coolly.

Well I am glad its back, I can see Pall Mall making its use a base for some future blends. Im still not sure if this is exactly as it used to be, it seems stronger and lacks flavour a little. Or am I just remembering it better than it was. So if you’re looking for a relativity strong tobacco, that has a slight sweet edge to a toasted flavour. Then Pall Mall is for you, but if your looking for something similar but a lot better quality grab Crossroads Original. Thanks to BAT for bringing back at least one product, it claimed no one brought. Samson Green next would be nice. PLEASE!

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  • Hi Glynn
    I’ve been a Pall Mall smoker for years (Pall Mall Red). Only recently switched to rolling tobacco.

    I noticed there are two types of Pall Mall Rolling I can get.

    When I checked my standard pack of Pall Mall its Virginia Blend.
    Should I go for the Green Pall Mall Roll or the Red.

    I want to get something as close as possible to what I smoked when I was on regular Smokes.

    I have to order in the Tobacco as its not available here in Ireland. I don’t want to order the wrong one’s as I have to by 10 40g bags of it.

  • Its not really the same style of flavour, i only know the Red blend. Its a smoother than the cigarettes and has a richer flavour. I might have to track down some of the Green, the only thing i would suggest is try the Red. You can buy it in 12.5 grams packs, if you dont like it then get 12.5g of Gold Leaf and try mixing it in different proportions. You might come up with something you enjoy. It means if all else fails you have only brought 25gram not 40gram.

    The red pack is mainly made up of Virginias and Burley i would say. The UK red packs says “Famous Virginia Tobaccos”, well on the UK packaging(the blend could be different from country to country) The green could be lighter, it is called sun cured on other sites. The red is much more flue/fire cured, Kentuckys and darker Virginias.

    So yeah, grab 12.5g from your local shop/supermarket try it. If you want it lighter mix some gold leaf in, but try different ratios. The more Gold Leaf you use the lighter and less “American” it tastes.

  • Thanks for that. I’ll give the Red Roll a go.

  • I have just brought a packet of PALL MALL…only 19 Gaga in the pack.

    I don’t like being ripped off. Never buying these again. It’s bad enough having to spend what we do on them!

  • Yup its a joke, they do that so they look cheaper. On the whole they still work our cheaper per cigarette than many of the others.

    But if you look at the side of the packet it does say 19.

  • why for last few months do pall mall and other brands of cigs keep going out all the time .. many of my freinds are unhappy too .. please explain .. joan

  • It is called LIP. The paper has some ripples in it which causes it to go out if not drawn on for about 30-45 seconds. This is to prevent anyone dropping one in bed/sofa and setting them selfs on fire. Its a european directive i think.

  • Hello just wanted to ask where did you get pallmall tabbaco? I have been looking for it.

  • Hi there, I have smoked rolling tobacco for about 25 years now, and have just discovered Pall Mall, RED. It’s a really nice smooth smoke and well priced, but was a bit dismayed when I got home and weighed it. I only got 23 g of tobacco and the packet weighed 4 g, where is the other 2g ?, I would be grateful for a reply and/or explanation ! Thanks, Mark Hay.

  • worst tobacco i ever smoke horrible taste

  • Good post. Value for money its great tobacco. However recently I have found a increase in the moisture content.. Finding it very hard to draw at all. Am I alone in this finding?

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