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Gauntleys – Trent Mixture

Now i blended this a while ago, under the guise of making a Dunhill Ready Rubbed alternative.  I tweaked the blend over and over, with the help from members of the Nottingham Pipe Club. Tom (NWPipeSmoker) reviewed this blend for me back in November, at the time the blend had no name.

With the prospect of a new space appearing on my gantry, i have blended up a good batch to see how it tastes after being sat for a week or two. Made up from mainly a Dark strong flake, a pinch of extra fire cured Virginia, a dash of Turkish with a little Black Cavendish (cased with bitter cherry). When i made up my small testers, the cherry wasnt very prominent. But with this larger blend all i can smell is the cherry, this needs testing again!

Armed with my Parker Bent Shell Briar, i packed up. Packing was easy the broken flake parts, caused me no issues. Lighting was even easier, a few puffs with a butane lighter and bam i was in business. The volume of smoke produced by this blend is eye watering, well if some gets in your eyes! The smoke, much like the water of the River Trent (Hence the name). Is cold, dark and a little powerful in places. It smoked really well, cool and very easy to draw on. The smoke smelt nice, according to a few that i have spoken too while it was on the go.

I will be launching this blend at the February pipe club meeting, it should be on sale the following Tuesday (8th Feb 2011) only at Gauntleys.

Time – 04:21

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