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Snuffing it up with the Nottingham Pipe Club(Feb 2011)

At the Nottingham Pipe Club (www.nottinghamtobacco.co.uk), we don’t just smoke our pipes. Some of us break the rules and have a crafty coffin nail and a pinch (or 6) of snuff. This month Ian brought a box full of snuff samples. So in-between sampling some mighty fine pipe tobaccos, we all had a dab of a few powered tobacco treats.

I am partial to bit here and there, so bellow is a few sampling notes I wrote.

Radfords Snuff

Now when I opened a tin of this one, I was a little shocked to see a dark and moist looking snuff. The Menthol aroma, hits you even before you take a pinch. Most medicated (Menthol) snuffs tend to be light and dry. So when I first took a pinch I was little shocked to discover, its not moist. It just seems to clump together and look wet. The snuff is easy to pinch and only needs a small inhale to get right up in there. Once you have a bit up each nose, the menthol seems to be released quite slowly. The burn is subtle at first, but it grows. Really opens your sinus up, with a slowly rising nicotine hit. The menthol aroma stays with you for a good while too, last night I could still smell it a good 30 mins after taking.

Now I wasn’t expecting to be a fan of this one, I only enjoy a few things that are Dark and Moist and this isn’t the place to be talking about them. The moisture seems to help prolong the experience. The menthol while being strong, isn’t like Redbull which seems to hit you for a few mins then gone without a trace. The other aspect of the moisture content I enjoyed, was the lack of breathing in and feeling all that snuff hit the back of my throat. Although this morning, I did still have a lot of it up my nose still.

So if your looking for a STRONG and moist Medicated snuff, give the Radfords a try.

Gawith Hoggarths – Cherry

New on the market, Gawith Hoggath have released a new cherry snuff. From what I have been told, non-medicated fruity snuffs are becoming very popular. Not here in Nottingham, we are finding that more and more are using Medicated snuffs. Wilsons Snuffs are known for there excessive list of flavours. So when we found about this one, I had to try some.

During a pipe break, I gave the cherry a good pinch up each side. In hindsight I took too much, it was a little warm up there. Made my eyes water like tear gas. The initial hit is powerful, but the smell of the cherry is to die for. At first it’s a sharp very pungent aroma, but quickly subdues. Leaving a light cherry scent over the world. It starts sweet but ends with a slightly bitter flavour. The scent seems to hang about for 15-20 mins, before it fades to much. Im not normally a fan of simple fruity snuffs, but this one is great. The nicotine burn at the start gives you the kick, but it’s a short lived kick.

So if you are after a fruity, non-medicated snuff with a prominent flavour then Gawiths Cherry has to be contender for you.

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  • There’s a new hand rolling tobacco here in Portugal : Look Out at very cool price 2.95 euros (40g).American Shag (red),Holland Classic (blue) and Virginia classic (yellow)…which is the better?I smoked in past Matrix Red hand rolling at 2.95 euros (40g) but now is expensive 4.30euros!
    I bought this week Look Out American Shag (red) but i think is a little strong compared with Matrix Red and Domingo Natural.What kind of Look Out you recommend to me?
    Many thanks ;-)
    Best greetings,Rochacrimson from Portugal

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