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Germain’s – Royal Jersey (Perique Blend)

Being an obbessed Perique fan, I feel bad for not trying this one. Royston(Pipe Club) knows why we still stock this one. It has been a popular seller, Perique in a ready rubbed form! The tin has been sat in cupnoard at home for a few weeks. I figured the best plan of action was, to take the tin to pipe club. As normal me and Justin arrived early, this gave me time for a quick smoke.

Blended in : Jersey (J. F. Germain & Son)
Contains : Virginia & Perique
Cased/Top : None (That i can findout about)
Pipe : Parker Collection (Dunhill Reject) Bent Shellac

On opening the tin I was greeted with a hint of pungent stuff with a the sweet almost honey like aroma of the Virginias. You cant see much of the dark stuff in this blend, it looks mainly golden with a few darker hints. The pack was a bugger the first time, very thick fluffy leaves. (Has the Germains willingly introduced 1.5mm thickness?) So with my first attempt failed, I unpacked and repacked. I shouldn’t put the issue with packing down to the thickness, the blend was very damp. Most noticeably the wrapper inside the tin was stained brown from the moisture.

Lighting wasn’t a serious issue, thanks to my big Sarome pipe lighter. A few seconds under the flame and the Royal Jersey was a blaze. Those first few draws where divine, creamy smoke with a sweet flavour. The smoke remained very cool and smooth, even if smoked a little quickly (yes I smoke hard to see if you can, without de-skinning your mouth) Hints of Chocolate and Coconut could be tasted towards the end of the first half of the bowl.

By the second half, the cool and creamy smoke had gone. Leaving instead a hotter more tangy smoke. The sweet chocolate and coconut could still be tasted, but with the heat really wasn’t that pleasant. I didn’t burn as hot as a heavily cased Virginia/Burley aromatic, but still not what I expected from a Perique mixture. As the bowl got towards the end, the flavours lost there way and let her die slowly on the table.

Well what can I say, Royston was right to leave this blend out of his rotation. In hindsight I wish I had left this tin on the shelf. For a Perique blend its too light, either too little of the stuff or blended with the wrong Virginias. Even the Chocolaty notes, didn’t seem very Perique based, more added aromatic(-esq)This combined with the cut, really disappointed. I am going to cut some dark nutty flake with it, see if I cant give this blend some height. If you are looking to try Perique for the first time, then I guess at a push Germains – Royal Jersey (Perique) is a starting point. But If you’re a fan of Escudo or De Luxe Navy Rolls, stick with the flake counterparts.

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  • I’m a recent convert to Germain’s Royal Jersey Perique and find it a class Va/Per blend. High grade virginias with a frisky perique. However, a dismissive impression may be made of this tobacco because it is raw on arrival, it needs to be opened and left for up to a month in the tin or decanted into a tub to properly cure. Before then it can be off-putting because the perique gives a sour tang. This is a new blend from an old firm and I suspect they are whacking in the perique (called ‘snork’ in USA) without ensuring it is properly air-cured but I rate this mixture enough to go to the trouble of ensuring I’ve plenty in hand resting and curing whence it comes up a queen of a smoke.

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