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Regius – Corona

New to me in the past few weeks, a new player has emerged in the UK Cigar scene. Regius Cigars have seen some success and positive feed back from some well known places in London. Akhil contacted me from Nicaragua where he complained about the weather and we chatted about cigars. He even wrote about me in an article on the Regius website (read). After hearing and reading about the brand, I had to give them a go. With the first order placed, I eagerly awaited the delivery. It arrived yesterday morning, the cigar boxes look great. Very slick matte black, with gold logos & descriptions. Shame all these things are ruined with health warning. The cigars look very well made, the wrappers are dark and for once (with a Nicaraguan cigar) NO cellophane. The cigar smell good too, there is no build up of the fish food / fusty aroma found on many “New World Cigars” (see Tom I used it!). I couldn’t wait to light one up, that night I didn’t find time for a larger than a rollup smoke. When the weather turned out good today, I was excited at the thought of the first smoke/walk home of the year! Armed with a bottle of water, 3 scraps of paper and some lounge ska in my ears I grabbed a corona.

Rolled in : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Size: 5 1/8 ″ x 42

The cut was easy, no broken wrapper or bitty filler. The pre light draw, was firm but easy J and I could taste that rich Nicaraguan flavour. Only one match with a few turns, to get this show on the road. Those first 2-3 draws made me stop ½ way through locking up the shop (wait did I lock the door??). Very sweet, almost syrupy and then bam the rich earthy flavours I was expecting. The cigar smoked coolly and smooth, a very enjoyable experience. Reminding me of a Fuente Don Carlo, which (of course) is a good thing. The first third seemed to fly by, nothing spectacular but a pleasant start.

As I entered the middle run saw the burn go a little crazy, making it little bitter and tangy. After a little touching up I got her burning even again. The smoke had grown in its earthy flavours, leaving most of the sweetness behinds. Even for a light smoke the flavours are there, nothing big and bold just subtle and well balanced. Hints of coffee and cinnamon really blend well with the earthy flavours. As the final leg began, the cigar came to life. A vast complex array of bolder flavours came in like a street charity worker, when you mistakenly make eye contact. The flavours came in and went, leaving me begging for more. From sweet, almost Sumatran cedar to rich tangy coffee notes. Cinnamon and liquorice sat lingering in the background, almost miss able. This final third really made me savour every last second, the light flavours growing beautifully. Ending with long peppery choclaty, which was the final draw *licks burnt lips*

Well that was better than I was expecting, the market is flooded with cheap and nasty Nicaraguan smokes. This puts many off, but as always those who keep trying will find the hidden gems. While being a light smoke, this cigar is great. The flavours stay interesting, never getting too settled to become boring. As always with light cigars, I found my self wishing for more BUT that’s not the point if smoke. Great as a breakfast cigar, or for the novice. So look out Oliva and Padron, Regius is here.

Construction .. 9/10
Burn .. 7/10
Flavour (1/3) .. 8/10
Flavour (2/3) .. 6/10
Flavour (3/3) .. 9/10
Overall .. 7.8/10

Regius Cigars – http://www.regiuscigars.com

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