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April Pipe Club & Reviews

Was a great night again, 3 new members and some light for a change. The tobaccos i ended up taking went down well. I had a little shock when i opened Capstan Ready Rubbed and discovered it looked like a Shag/Rolling tobacco. Infact thinking about it, it seemed very thinly cut! *goes to dig out pouch* Hmm im saying nothing!!!! My new Bayou Blend went down a storm, well apart from one die hard Aromatic Smoker! Beeston Canal i recall,it being called. Going to have to bar Andy again for the shop!

The Complete Selection

13g of Gauntleys “House Blends”  Bayou Blend (Launch Night)
13g of Capstan Ready Rubbed (Shag Cut)
13g of Century Liquorice & Sambuca
13g of Lane Black Cordial (Sold in UK as Century)
13g of Ashton Gold Rush

Bayou Blend

Blended in : Nottingham, England
Contains : Dark Virginia, Kentucky, Turkish & Perique (16%)
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : “Parker Collection” - Bent Sandblasted
April Meeting

I wrote my notes on this yesterday, i did find it tastes just as good relit as it did first time round. Many people commented on the smoothness and flavour. The Nicotine hit that comes out of nowhere, took a few people by suprise. When mixed with beer, its quiet enjoyable. Slow burning and easy to light.

Quite happy with this one, next job get it online and in the shop for sale! Should be avliable by tomorrow or later in the week. Price will be about £5.60 for 25grams (tbc)

Capstan Ready Rubbed

Blended in : By Imperial so could Poland, China, Denmark or I dunno
Contains : Virginia, Dark & Light
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : “Parker Collection” - Canadian Polished
April Meeting

Now i haven’t really smoked many of the “supermarket” brands. Which makes me a little snobbish, to be honest. I was shocked when i tried Gold Block & St Bruno, how good it tasted. I even sold the mixture in the shop, but it was flop. So when a few people suggested Capstan last month, i was dubious. Not wanting to disappoint, i split 3 bags and re packed them.

The tobacco is shag cut, its not ready rubbed at all. It looks a lot like Kendal-Mixed Shag but drier and less variation in leaf. It smells like a clean, straight Virginia, lemony and sweet. The cut and moisture would make this a good rolling tobacco (results to follow, in later post). Packing was easy, although i did notice that it takes a lot to fill the bowl! The smoke was pleasant, cool if slowly supped. The flavours where pleasant, but nothing special about it. Tastes a lot like rollups to be honest. I guess this would make a good transitional blend to the pipe. Smoked quickly too, i was repacking before the pint was through. Middle of road for this one, it smoked well for the cut and contents. But needs something extra to make it enjoyable. If you wanted to experiment, Capstan would make a great base. Add more tobaccos or try adding some rum or other flavours.

Licorice & Sambuca

Blended in : America (Could be Lane or Consolidated Tobacco, sold in UK as Century)
Contains : Cavendish & Virginia
Cased/Top :  Sambuca
Pipe : Stanwell Deluxe – Polished small curved Bulldog
April Meeting

I have gone off a lot of Aromatics this winter, the burst of sun have tempted me. But seeing as it was pipe club, i needed to take at least 2 Aromatics. I went for this and Black Cordial, i think i smoked the Cordial years ago, but cant remember. The aroma from this blend is appealing and powerful. The tobacco is mainly golden brown, a few lighter and darker patches. Heavily cased and sticky, packed surprisingly easy for wet, springy, goop. Smoked hot, even after a few tampdowns. The pipe i chose wasnt a good choice, i forgot to bring my churchwarden, D’oh. I could almost taste the liquorice but so week and light it was lost by heat. Didnt enjoy this blend at all, no real flavour, not even tobacco.

Im not leaving this at that, i feel with the right pipe it will smoke better. There maybe a follow up review to this.

Due to bank holidays the next pipe club will be held on the SECOND MONDAY Thats Monday 9th May

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  • new to uk and surprised at how smoking is persecuted here. stationed at RAFMildenhall. any pipe/cigar clubs nearby?

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