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June Pipe Club

Last night was the busiest night we have had, also one of the biggest tobacco selections. I managed to smoke 5 blends and my mouth is feeling it this morning.  We had 4 new faces along with 15 of the other rag-tag mob of pipe smoking mo-fo’s that often turn up :) .  Rodger and Adrian made the travel from Leicester to join us, armed with cases of pipes and some damn interesting ones too. Among the new faces, John joined us later on with a scrap book filled with cuttings relating to the 70′s Nottingham Pipe Club. I am going to be scanning the cuttings and put them up on the Pipe Club Website. Big thanks to you all for coming along and making it a great evening.

More Photos at www.nottinghamtobacco.co.uk

I managed to try 5 tobaccos, 4 that i brought with me and 1 sample Adrian brought. Below is my reviews.

Gawith & Hoggarths – New Prince

Blended in : England
Contains : Virginia
Cased/Top : Maple & Vanilla
Pipe : Carlin “Basket” Bent (Smooth)

Now i have been looking forward to this for the past few days, ever since the package arrived. The aroma is so good, i want to eat it. A rich almost breakfast cereal, maple aroma. The cut looked a little ominous, i find golden aromatics like FIRE on my tongue! But after doing a little research, i got more excited. So as my first smoke of the night, i grabbed my Carlin and packed away.

The shag cut and moisture made for easy packing I tamped with my thumb and it lit very easily. The instant the first draw  hit my tongue the maple and vanilla exploded,  its a smooth and creamy smoke and the lack of Burley is good thing in this mixture. The smoke didnt need much to keep it lit, and surprisingly lasted a good while. Towards the end the smoke did get a little bitter and hot, BUT the Maple still came through.

A delightful first smoke, I’ve not had the Carlin for long and its only the 3rd time its been smoked, this will help with breaking it in. I am sold on the new prince tobacco though, its Creamy, light, smooth and very flavoursome. It would make a great beginners tobacco.

Gawith & Hoggarths – Scotch Mixture

Blended in : England
Contains : Virginia, Oriental, Latakia & Black Cavendish
Cased/Top : none
Pipe : Parker – Shell Bent

Now i love a bit of smokey Latakia, and i really love the Scottish blends, The added Cavendish really finishes it off, well,  for me anyways. Even my Nottingham blend has some spicy Cavendish in there. As with all Latakia creations, i grabbed my trusty Dunhill Reject…erm i mean “Parker Collection Basket Pipe”. It has Latakia engrained in its soul!

The mixture was a little moist and springy, needed the a few tamps and lights, but once i got her going the smoke was very smooth and cool and packed full of flavour from the Virginias and Latakia. The Cavendish and Oriental really gave the smoke a smooth silk like texture and was one of the best Scotch blends ive tried. It did go out if not nurtured constantly, but a little air drying and it’ll be fine.

Boswells – Christmas Cookie

Blended in : America
Contains : Gold & Black Cavendish
Cased/Top : Vanilla & Whisky
Pipe : Carlin “Budget” Bent

The Carlin had just about cooled down, when Adrian pulled out a bag of Boswells – Christmas Cookie.  The aroma from the pouch was so sweet and tempting i just had to try some. The mixture consits of  Burley, Kentucky & Black Cavendish, cased with Vanilla, Caramel and Whisky.

The light was a little tricky and very heavily cased (like most American Blends). I would say if it was a little drier it would be better, but after reading reviews this doesnt happen (even after 2 months!).  This is all meaningless because once it gets going the flavours are amazing. Very smooth and mild, too mild really just after the Scotch Mixture. The flavours taste like cookie dough, sweet and biscuity. It didnt bite at all until i went a little fast to see how cool it stayed, no wonder my mouths so burnt again today. Thanks Adrian for the chance to try this one, i can now add my complaints to world tobacco “embargo’s” (taxes & restrictions). I wanna try more boswell blends.

**by this point my notes stop, so this is all from memory. And yes for those that know me, you know what i mean!

Peterson – Special Reserve 2011

Blended in : Ireland or Denmark ??
Contains : Brown/Black Cavendish & Virginia’s
Cased/Top : Strawberry & Tonka beans
Pipe : Dr Plumb – Statesman 398 (Rustic)

Now this smells beautiful through the wrapper, it smells like coconut, but when i started splitting the pack, the strawberries really come out. The mix looks a typical  blend of thick and rough cut, mainly light leafs. It looks as if it could bite if you try to insult this blend. I opted for my Dr Plumb Statesman, i love its small bowl size with the almost ome paul style stem, I couldnt help buying this one. The first batch of Statesman’s ive had in the shop, the rest of the range was highly polished and this stood out. The 9mm filter has been replaced with a reducer, i dont like filters.

Packing it took a few tamps and was a little springy really and lighting it also took a few goes. Again it was a little to fresh, but once i got it going the strawberries really came through. “When you first light the tobacco it’s as if you’re sipping on a strawberry milk-shake rather than smoking a pipe” – Scamp over at  Tobaccoreviews.com got it in one. The smoke was very smooth, but did get a little hot if poorly treated. Which with the moisture this was inevitable to be honest. A tasty blend, but im going  to come back to this, it needed too much teasing to keep going and then was too hot to enjoy, I put some of this down to the pipe as tinned Three Nuns well didn’t smoke well  in this pipe either.

Gawith Hoggarth – Cinnamon Twist (Brown)

Blended in : England
Contains : Fire & Flue Cured Virginias
Cased/Top : Cinnamon
Pipe : Parker – Curved Bulldog

This is a short and sweet review, i cant really remember smoking much of this one. I have been meaning to smoke more twist after the Christmas spice i mixed had 50% Rum twist. I cut the twist into thick peices, which made for easier packing. I chose my most recent purchase, my Dunhill…erm Parker curved bulldog. I really like this pipe, its big and one beautiful piece of briar. With a mixed bag of larger pieces in the bottom and some finer shreds on top.

It took a few attempts to get it going,though i think this is down to my poor packing. when i got it going you can really taste the Cinnamon, alot of flavour on top of a rich and full bodied smoke, a real powerful smoke. Im glad i ended on this blend, i think this would have made the prince and other blends seems bland in comparison. I dont think i will be making this a regular smoke, especially not in the summer, but come winter it will make a great smoke for those damp, cold evenings.

Right thats all i could handle last night, still my mouth feels awful (8:30pm)

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  • That Dr. Plumb – Statesman 398 (Rustic) looks superb. Where can I get one?

    Nice blog by the way. Good to see someone else’s take on the lifestyle. Well done.

  • I got it from one of the UK distributors, most where a polished finish. Only had one lot off them, the rest have taken a while to sell. 9mm filter and not a brand we have stocked, more premium quality models by. If you wanted one, i could try and get one. May be do a trade for the Nording Lovat you have, they are £39.95 in our shop.

    Thanks, your blog also i a trove of useful reviews and info. Glad i joined the blog ring now. Our pipe club is doing very well, we keep increasing with every meet. Its a shame legislation would stop us doing tobacco trades for club meets. Soon we will run out of blends to sample.

  • Mark Tegid williams

    September 29, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Hi glynn do you have an online store I would love to buy from you and by any chance do you stock Christmas cookie by boswells as I’m on the YouTube pipe community and I watched videos about this tabacco and they say how nice it is but do you think I can find any in the united kingdom Im very disappointed and was told with the uk laws we are buggerd take care mate

  • Hi. Yes we do you can find us over at Gauntleys. I cant get Boswells Christmas Cookie, no one imports them & i think boswells only sell direct. We cant make tobaccos like them because they have too many flavourings, but they could be sold if imported.

  • http://www.gauntleys.com

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