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McClelland – Caramel Rush

I have been wanting to try some of the American pipe tobaccos for a while.  So when Elliott suggested a tobacco trade, i finally had a chance. I sent him a goodie bag of snuffs, tobaccos and cigars.  Watch Box Opening Video

Blended in : America
Contains : Virginia & Black Cavendish
Cased/Top : Caramel
Pipe : Carling “Budget” – Bent Billiard (Smooth)

The tobacco has a very, very strong caramel aroma to it. The blend is dark and sticky, with a little golden highlights. You can see how little casing we can add in the uk, this stuff is mega sticky compared to the UK “American Blends”. I could smell this tobacco when i opened the bag, im half expecting to taste this in the other blends. I opted to not dry it out any before i smoked it.

The packing was easy, 2 fills and some thumb/tamper action. It took a little to get her going, the mainly black cavendish is a bugger to light. As soon as i took the first draw all i could taste was a caramel. So sweet and smooth, didnt taste of smoke at all. The room note was great, so im told. The cavendish provided a creamy smoke, combined with the caramel it tasted almost cakey. The tobacco needed a little attention from time to time, again due to the mixture. Not to strong and easy to smoke, a great mild aromatic.

As the bowl progressed into the second half, the smoke lost its creamy, cakey taste. In came a musky, damp forest flaw note. This gave the caramel a real contrast, becoming alitle deeper & richer. The smoke lasted a while, a little tap out and relight 2-3 times was needed though. By the end the smoke had become a little bitter and harsh, but now with a burnt sugary taste. The goopy casing, made her his and crackle a little too. Going to get some Dri-Kule filters i think, for the others.

A great tobacco, so much flavour it almost makes you feel like, your eating caramel. The burn is a little stubborn, but worth the extra effort. The body is light, didnt really get much “lady N” from this one. Can see why this is a popular blend, tasty and light. From what Kim commented, the room note was sweet and pleasant.  I have had another bowl of this, since i made this video and i love the stuff. Cant wait to try more McClellands.

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