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American Black Cavendish (Pinning Down Cavendish Pt2)

Producer – Lane Limited (sold in UK as Century)
Product – Black Cavendish
Tobacco – Fire Cured Virginias
Cut – Course Cut

  • A very dark Black Cavendish, sticky and sweet smelling. Thickly cut and moist.
  • It has a sweet, raisiny aroma and tastes sweet too.
  • Smooth, sweet & creamy on the light, hard to keep lit. Is mixed a lot with Virginias & Burley to help with the burn.
  • Cream & Raisin flavours, can bit if smoked to fast
    (Middle of Bowl)
  • Burn improved with a little patience
  • Still raisins with hints of figs, very sweet like burnt sugar
  • Burning a bit hot from time to time
    (Final Draws)
  • Got that bitter & tangy finish
  • Subtle complexities; creamy sweet leathers, figs, plumb, berry hints
  • Finishes very hot, white ash.

Makes a great base, bland on its own really.

In this video i am only referring the creation of Black Cavendish tobacco. Golden & Mixed Cavendish blends are processed in the same was as Dutch Cavendish’s. The processes of creating Black Cavendish differs from UK & America.


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