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October Pipe Club & Reviews

Last night saw the 13th Nottingham Pipe Club. We had a great turn out, a few couldnt be with us & we got 5 new members. 3 of which had never smoked or even owned a pipe before.

Pipe Club Tobaccos

Gawith Hoggarths – Brown Flake (Un Scented)

Smooth and pleasant to smoke. Sweet notes with some earthy & nutty flavour. Not soapy or Lakeland styles. On par with Dunhill Flake, but without the slight casing. The tobacco was smooth and easy to smoke. I smoked this in my Lovat (black sandblast), finely rubbed with a few thicker bits.

Petersons – Luxury Blend

Fiery and a little flat, a few interesting flavours but not very inspiring. Didn’t get on well with it and neither did others to be honest. Don’t remember much about, but I blame it for the burnt tongue I have this morning.

Holger Dansk – Mango & Vanilla

Smoked in my Peterson System 303. A fantastic aromatic, light and easy to smoke, kept cool as long as you didnt rush it. Very sweet and interesting blend of flavours. The mango came across really well, sweet and fruity. Very tasty from match to ash.

Petes Blend

Sweet Latakia & Perique mixture, small levels of oriental gave it a creamy note. The use of  Black and Brown that has been cleaned with vodka, still had the sweetness. All topped of with a good helping of Latakia and Perique, with some Kentucky. Leathery, Smoky & Sweet. A more robust and powerful version of the Boswells – RR965

Ratrrays – Terry Red

I didn’t try this one or hear much feed back. What I did hear wasn’t very positive.

Gawith Hoggarths – Lousiana Flake

A great Va/Per blend, have smoked it many time before and love the smooth sweetness of the Brown Flake topped off with the subtle notes of the perique. I still feel Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls is a better smoke though. I am smoking this again now.

Century – Columbian Coffee

Didnt get any feed back on this one.

Robert McConnell – Oriental

A classic oriental blend,i love the balance of the oriental & latakia. I love this blend. Creamy leather with smoked earthy flavours. One of my favourite Balkan/Oriental blends.

Gawith Hoggarths –  “American Blend” Whisky

Didnt try this or hear any feed back of it.

Thranshers – Apple

Ad had this one, MrBlink had sent it to him. After the “Thranshers Aromatic” I was a little scared of this one. The blend was a little darker, very rough cut. Made from pure Sri Lankan leaf, cassed with sweet apple. Looks a bit like a shish style casing, more than the Danes or Americans use. It smoked well, the apple wasn’t too bad. Not a powerful flavour, still has a sickly creamy tease found in the Aroamtic. Not bad but not great, I do think with time it should be more pleasant once you become accustomed to the style.

Next meeting

Monday 7th November 2011
at The Lincolnshire Poacher
7pm in the Beer Garden.

Hopefully see you all there.

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