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December Pipe Club

Congradualtions to PufferloBill for winning the Chrsitmas Raffle (Peterson 2011 Christmas B10 Pipe, 100g 2011 Peterson Christmas Blend, 50g Gauntleys Christmas Spice, Toque Christmas Pudding Snuff & Black Sherlock Holmes Tamper)


Solani – 633 (Virginia & Perique)
Ogdens – Walnut Flake
Gawith Hoggarth – Curly Cut Deluxe
Peterson – Christmas Blend 2011
Toque – Chocolate (Snuff)

Next Pipe Club

Mon 9th January 2012 @ The Lincolnshire Poacher (Mansfield Road, Nottingham)

Sweet Brown Pig Tail
Black Chery Sweet (thick) Twist

Music: Killing Joke – Killing Joke album
Filmed & Edited : Glynn Quelch (6th Dec 2011)

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