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Catch Up, Reviews (Pipe, Rolling & Snuff)

A catch up, been busy and had to try and remember everything.

Pipe Tobacco Reviews
Krys’s take on Gauntleys – Yataghan
Ratrrays – Halo The Wynd
Unknown Aromatic

Snuff Reviews
Wilsons of Sharrow – Prime Minister
Ozona – President Snuff

Rolling Tobacco
Karelia Hand Rolling Tobacco

The Good Dram Show
If you are into Whiskies, check out the shops Whisky channel
Chris’s Tasting Notes
Gauntleys Blog (Tobacco, Wine & Spirits)

Pipe Club
Big thanks to everyone who showed up, it was cold but we all had a laugh. As always AD has uploaded a video, cheers buddy
The next meeting will be held on Mon 12th March, no samples

100th Video Contest
Dont forget to put your entries in by the end of Feb.

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