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Pall Mall Rolling Tobacco

Now im sure this only went a year or so ago, but Pall Mall Rolling tobacco is back. I used to smoke this as part of mix, 50% Pall Mall to 50% Samson Green Or Old Holborn Yellow. But seeing as all 3 went, I have had to change it up a lot. At first

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Kendal – Mixed Plum (Shag)

Blended in :  England Contains : Gold and Fire Cured Virginia Cased/Top : None Cut : Shag Now in the shop most people don’t put shag tobacco in pipes, say no more…..So when  Pete offered me some, I couldn’t refuse. I use a lot of the mixed aromatic(Turkish Delight, perfume flavour) in my rolling tobacco

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Dubai – Day 1+2 (Wed 15th + Thurs 16th Sept)

Before i set of, i had the plan to only spend 1700dh(UAE) in the Duty free. After looking at how much everything costs over here, i was going to reduce that to 2 boxes. But that wasn’t my first worry, the main issue was me not being able to smoke for 7-8 hours plus. After

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