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New Habanos for 2011

At the yearlyFestical del Habano, new cigars are released. These range from standard lines, regional lines & limited editions (for both international and regional markets). This year was no different, 9 new cigars are to be introduced. Along with 2 more being released in the UK market, much like the Boliar Gold Medal. Bellow is the information i have on these.

Partagas Serie P No 1

Originally only for the “Travel Market” which i can only assume is the Duty Frees? These unique sized Partagas cigars come in a collector ceramic humidor jar. And what a stunning jar it is, as soon as I saw the picture I WANTED ONE! After some pondering and chatting about it, I brought one. Sorry Kim there goes some of the holiday fund. The jar is cedar lined, with Humidifying disk magnetically attached to the lid. As with most ceramic jars, the middle cigar is tissue wrapped. A rich cocoa aroma comes from the cigars, my temptation to try one MUST be conquered!  Supplies are limited, so if you have about £500 to spare and want a good, solid investment buy now while you can. RRP (pre 2011 budget) £492.70.  All health warnings and stickers are on the outer box, keeping the jar pristine inside.

Size –  5”(127mm) x 50
Qty – 25

H.Upmann – Travel Humidor

If you spend a lot of your time travelling around, smaller towns and away from cities. Getting  good cigars, heck any cigars can be tricky. There are of course travel humidors, these can be small 2-3 cigar affairs upto big suitcase sized monsters for those who need 6 double coronas before getting out of bed! Then there are the “Gift Sets”, not seen very often any more. Again orginally only for the “Travel Retail Market”, the Upmann Robusto (yes Robusto) travel humidor. H Upmann stamped, brown leather with zipped top and huidification compartment. Complete with 6 unique H.Upmann Robustos, inside a Dress Box style outer. Again keeping stickers off the product. A must for collectors again, RRP (pre 2011 budget) £204.10. Not too keen on this personally, im not a big Upmann fan or in need of another travel humidor.

Size – 4 7/8″(124mm) x 50
Qty – 6

In addition to these 2 beautiful lines, being sold in the UK market. There are some new standard lines, coming to join the “small” portfolio on offer (yes, sarcasm). You can read more about this, straight from the horses mouth over at the Hunter & Frankau website (Cigars.co.uk).

Partagas – Serie E No.2

Vitola: Duke
Dimensions: 54 ring gauge x 5 ½” (140mm)
Presentation: SBN box of 25 & 5 cigars

Now these i am looking forward too, like the rest of the standard range being introduced. These where first seen at the Festival del Habano (21st – 25th Feb). They should be released around May/June time.  More will follow, when i can get a 5 packs and let you all know.

Partagas – Serie D No.5

Vitola de Galera: D No. 5
Dimensions: 50 ring gauge x 4 3/8” (110mm)
Presentation: SBN box of 25 & 10 cigars

One of the limited editions from 2008 and one of my favourite Partagas vitolas. Is to be released as a standard, factory vitola. Being the cousin to the Hoyo Petit Robusto, at 4 3/8″ long.  The D5′s will be avaliable in 10 and 25 SBN boxes, we  do how ever have to wait until October/November time.

H. Upman – Half Corona

Vitola de Galera: Half Corona
Dimensions: 44 ring gauge x 3 ½” (90mm)
Presentation: Labelled box of 25 & aluminium packages of 5 cigars

I cant find any mention of this cigar existing before. Small and hand made, this combination has grown as a result of the smoking ban. I can see these becoming popular. Stag nights, weddings, after meals or for some ones first Cuban cigar. Due to be released around November, in 25 Dress Boxes and handy aluminium tins of 4.

————-Limited & Regional Edition Habanos————-

2011 Grandes Reservas

Commercial Name: Gran Reserva No. 2
Vitola de Galera: Pirámides
Dimensions: 52 x 6 1/8” (156mm)
Presentation: Varnished presentation box of 15 cigars

Wow i like the look of these and wouldn’t mind one for the collection. Double banded and packaged in a gilt hinged, deeply polished box. A very limited supply will be available. “This prestigious cigar, presented in Montecristo’s Iconic No. 2 format, has been produced using leaves from the 2005 harvest. 5000 numbered boxes have been produced for the global market, each containing 15 cigars.” (cigars.co.uk)

There are 3 Limited Editons this year, all in larger formats. The tobaccos used in each of these cigars has been aged for at least 2 years.

Cohiba- 1966

Vitola de galera: Cañonazo Especial.
Dimensions: 52 x 6 1/2” (166mm) in 10 Boxes

Hoyo De Monterrey – Short Hoyo Piramides

Vitola de Galera: Forum
Dimensions: 46 x 5 1/3” (135mm) in 10 Boxes

Ramon Allones – Allones Extra

Vitola de galera: Franciscos.
Dimensions: 44 x 5 5/8” (143mm) in 10 Boxes

All double banded with the “Edicion Limitada 2011″ band, along with brand band. Although looking at the image on the H&F website the Ramon Allones has an interesting band! (Expected time of release: Summer)

Now time for the UK exclusives and there’s something to get me excited again! Punch – Medalla de Oro, i cant wait for these.Aswell the Punch, which wont be released until 2021 now. We have a Bolivar to match, the Bolivar – Britanicas due around June/July time. In breaking the tradition slightly, this year the second band will say “Gran Bretana”

Bolivar – Britanicas

Dimensions:46 ring gauge x 5 3/8” (137mm) in boxes of ten.
Vitola de Galera: Britanicas.
Expected time of release: Summer.

Punch – Medalla de Oro

Dimensions:50 ring gauge x 6 1/8” (155mm) in boxes of 10.
Vitola de Galera: Doble.
Expected time of release: 2021

So theres you lot for 2011, but it doesnt end there. With the looks of it, plenty of new lines are joining the scene in the UK. Check in after the break for news on more new lines and some de listings!

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