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I havnt even written my notes or thank you’s from the March meeting yet, thanks to you all that came to the march meeting. We are expecting more tomorow for the April one.

We(Me & Andy) even featured on BBC radio Nottingham as the Pro Smoking side to the “World No Smoking Day” debate.

Me and Andy on BBC Radio Nottingham talking about the Pipe Club

Tobacco Tasting Notes

Solani – Silver Flake Blend 660

Blended in : Denmark
Contains : Red Virginia & Kentucky
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : ???
Feb Meeting, Tobacco provided by Robin!

Folded into bowl, took 2 lights and a little tamping to get going. Once it was, the taste was amazing. Deep, rich, nutty flavours, smoked very cool uless smoked too hard. A great dark flake, creamy smoke with plenty of flavour. The Kentucky come out well,  the Virginia provided a few flavours i couldn’t put my finger on, not sweet but slightly herby honey side. Still smoked cool and flavoursome with 75% ash. Shame its not imported to the UK

Peterson – Old Dublin

Blended in : Ireland (Although insure its Demark or Holland)
Contains : Virginia, Oriental & Latakia
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : ???
Feb Meeting

Hmm i love the smell of this stuff.  Latakia and Oriental, that pungent aroma. Packing way easy, lighting was too which considering it felt too wet was good. Instantly greeted with that char grilled, smoky flavour. The Orientals and Virginia creates a creamy and sweet backing. Easy to smoke and relativly light, low Latakia ratio.  Reminded me heavily of the Samuel Gawith – Scotch Cut Mixture. The second half was a let down, it became very hot and bitter. Did try re tamping, but had to let it go. Cant remember which pipe i smoked it in, so maybe next time a big bowled pipe. Not a bad mixture, the hot second half let it down though.

Mac Baren – Cube

Blended in : Demark
Contains : Burley, Kentucky, Cavendish, Black Cavendish, Virginia
Cased/Top : Fruit & Citrus
Pipe : Meerschaum Churchwarden
March Meeting

Now i love my improved churchwarden, its a bit battered. It started life as a simple bent apple shaped meerschaum, but developed a fine crack. The pipe was returned to Gauntleys and had been sat in a box for years. Already smoked and useless, so i grabbed a spare Stanwell churchwarden stem and what do you know it fits. The pipe looks great and smokes like a dream, the lightest Aromatics are like ice cold beer on a hot day. But less about my pipe! The blend is made up from 27 different leafs and you can believe that by looking at it. mixtures of differnt cuts and rich fruit aroma. Packing was easy and as soon as you get a flame to it, its like a sweet, fruity heaven. Vanilla, Coconut, Chocolate and smooth creamy smoke. A great aromatic, enjoyed by all that tried it. A stock line once again in the shop.

Dunhill – London Mixture

Blended in : Denmark (Now by Orlik)
Contains : Virginia, Turkish & Latakia
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : “Parker Collection” - Canadian Polished
March Meeting

Now sometimes i wonder if i take too many of these blends to pipe club, other times i think not. In march i took a few; (this) Dunhill – London Mixture, Robert Lewis  - Tree Mixture & Gawith’s – Bobs Flake (Latakia, flake aromatic). The tobacco has a funky, Turkish aroma to it. The latakia is there but not prominent from the tin. The tobaccos smoked well, a little too damp, need teasign to keep light. Very cool and smooth, latakia providing a little lift to the predominately Turkish fronted flavour. A good smoke for those wanting to get into English mixtures. The second half is normally the test for lighter blends, the London Mixture did get warm but remained tasty and enjoyable. Did feel it needed more power, but there is the 965 for that!

Robert Lewis – Tree Mixture

Blended in : Denmark
Contains :  Virginia & Latakia
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : “Parker Collection” - Canadian Polished
March Meeting

Now having already smoked the London Mixture earlier in the night, my palate had seen its share of Latakia by this point. (Originally house blends of Robert Lewis Tobacconist, now part of Foxes in London) A fine Latakia mixture. Specially blended for long time customer, Col. Tree. The smoke was much more powerful than the London Mixture. The increased ratio of Latakia really gave the smoke a fusty, smoky flavour. The Virginia’s could still be tasted providing a little sweetness and colour to the smoke. A very enjoyable smoke, would suggest it to someone as there first experience of Latakia. But defiantly one for lovers of the dark, smoked leaf. Will be included in the Gauntleys stock range very soon.






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  • Chris Boback

    April 11, 2021 at 12:55 am

    I agree on your assessment of Petersen’s Old Dublin. I thought it very bitter and unsmokeable. Even soaking it with some high end whiskey didn’t help it any. In the trash can it went to make room for better offerings.

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