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English Black Cavendish (Pinning Down Cavendish Pt5)

Producer — Gawith Hoggarth
Product — Black Cavendish
Tobacco — Fire/Flu Cured Virginias
Cut — Course Cut

  • Smoky, fire cured aorma
  • Looks like Latakia but smells like Perique/Kentucky hybrid
  • Subtle sweetness, but mainly tangy woods, leather & spice.
  • Sweet cedars developing early on the finish
  • Complex cigar like flavours
  • Good amount of nicotine
  • Sweetness grows but remains a smoky blend.
  • Bitter at the end

This is at the other end of the spectrum compared to the Americam BC. The tobaccos isnt steamed and as a result loses non of its power and tobacco flavour. The tobacco is pressed and left to age(ferment) for anything from days to weeks. The tobacco smells and looks menacing, but it sounds awesome. Smokes very well, too. The tobacco is still sweetened during the Cavendish process, but the rich tobacco over powers this.

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