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(Pre) June Pipe Club

OK puff balls – this is the meet that will leave an imprint on your brain like a sledgehammer to your replicating parts – miss this and you will forever kick yourself in the face.

Its a Bank Holiday celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and so bare that in mind for travel etc.

As many may know, the DagnerZ from the USA are attending this special event meet up, Nottingham Pipe Club welcomes all that can make it – hopefully the weather will be good and it shall be a fabulous pipe meet that only happens every so often…more details to come.

Also we hope to see a few UK YouTube Pipe Presenters too such as FlankerTanker and LightYerPipe – I will update as I get the info!
Please be fashionably early!
Glynn will provide more intricate details about tobacco etc needless to say I can divulge the Dagners will be bringing us many USA blends to sample – if you want to bring your fave stuff too, for Jayson and Jay to try, then feel free, it will be a night to remember!

The Tobaccos

Samuel Gawith – Jubilee Blend
Peterson – Special Reserve 2021
Gauntleys – Chocolate Liquor (Launch Night)
Gawith Hoggarths – Danish Mixture

Non Aromatics

J.F  Germains – Rich Dark Flake (Stonehaven UK, Pretty much)
Samuel Gawith –  Grousemoor (the smoking championship version)
Gawith Hoggarths – Scottish Mixture


For more details please visit


Dont forget about the British Pipe Smoking Championships
For more details please visit

The British Pipe Smoking Championship 2021 will take place at Newark Showground on Sunday 15th July. Timings and menu below.

The costs for the above event will be:

Competition only: £45
Competition and lunch: £55
Lunch only: £12
Rent of exhibition table: £25

Entries close June 15th.

Payment by cheque/postal order payable to B.E.Mills. Address for cheques/postal orders is:

Flat 1, 102 Fore Street, Exeter, EX1 2RS.

Here’s hoping that this year will be a great success as in the past.

The program for the day:

11.00hrs. Opening of exhibition and confirmation of registration.
12.00hrs Meeting of club secretaries/representatives to discuss future of the UKFPC.
13.00hrs. Lunch.
15.00hrs. Start of competition.
Prize giving at completion of event, or, perhaps, a little after!

The finger buffet lunch will consist of:

Open and closed sandwiches, Hot’n'kickin chicken, Garlic bread, Fish goujons, Mini savoury tartlets, Puff pastry bites, Assorted pizza slices, BBQ flavoured mini pork ribs.

The tobacco for the event will be Grousemoor.

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