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Partagas Serie C No3 (2012 Limited Edition)

I love the fact that Partagas is a popular brand to make limited editions of and this years looks very promising. This years Partagas is another recreation of one of the old 1930′s serie A,B,C or D. Since the start of the Edicion Limitada at the turn of the millenium, the whole Serie D range has been done and even had the No5 added. Back in the 1930′s 16 new Partagas cigars were created for the UK market and those all adurned the Serie A (or B or C or D).

Serie No1 No2 No3 No4
A 6 3/4 x 38 6 1/8 x 38 5 1/2 x 38 4 7/8 x 38
B 6 3/4 x 42 6 1/8 x 42 5 1/2 x 42 4 7/8 x 42
C 6 3/4 x 48 6 1/8 x 48 5 1/2 x 48 4 7/8 x 48
D 6 3/4 x 50 6 1/8 x 50 5 1/2 x 50 4 7/8 x 50
By the 1970′s all of these cigars had disappeared and the D4 came back in 1975 due to the popularity of Robustos. In recent years Partagas have played on this way of naming new cigars.

The 2021 C3 was relased to retailers earlier this week and i have already grabbed a box and stashed it away. From another box i picked one up to try it new, based on a positive prompting on twitter i figured i had to try one. The cigar looks beautiful, the Partagas big red band looks great on the darker, aged Partagas.

Rolled in : Cuba
Wrapper : Cuban
Binder : Cuban
Filler : Cuban
Size: 5 1/2 ″ x 48

The wrapper is dark with a gentle sheen to it and a very smooth finish. A light earthy aroma from the wrapper with a hints of sweet hay. The filler is looks beautifuly folded and even. A more savory, woody aroma from the foot.

The cut felt a bit stiff and once i finally got the blade through, i could see why. 4/5 thick veins  are showing and made for hard work. The filler looks as evenly spaced at the head as it does at the foot. The cold draw reveals a few toasted nutty flavours with some hints of spice and woods.

First few draws showed some wonderful dry and grassy flavours, with a hint of leather  the finish. As with most cigars the first few draws see the flavours develop, as all the leaves start to burn. Hints of coffee and subtle sweet notes on the inhale, with a dry sticky pepper on the exhale and you can feel the body building. The first 1/3 grew stunningly, the pepper is there but a dry pepper like Burley tobacco. The inhale remained consistent, leather, earth and sweet hay/herb flavours. But the finish, oh wow, dry pepper, leather, coffee, nuts and woods. A very complex finish based start to this impressive feeling cigar. The stick has a slight box presses fell, square edges, but nothing like some of the box pressed new world smokes ive tried. My only complaint in this first 1/3 is the flavours are there, but it lacks balance and structure.

The middle run saw the sweet hay flavours reseed and the draw became herby with a few bitter notes, still carries the earthy quality. The dryness on the finish was coming across in the inhale, lingering on the edge of the palate. The exhale had an increasing amount of dry pepper, but with less complexity than before. In with the pepper sat some earthy, coffee, herby, nutty flavours. As i mentioned before this Hermoso No3 feels great in the hand and the mouth.

The final third saw another dynamic shift, the draw was sweet, creamy with some tangy leather. The exhale still carried the the pepper, but a bitter dimension had come into play. The complexity had gone, still a few lingering hints of herb and leather but nothing compared to the middle run. A long lingering sweet, nutty almost caramel tones.

A cracking smoke, i love the extra bit of pepper along with the typical Partagas flavours. The blend is perfectly matched for the size, it started getting a little heavy at the end. It needs a little more time to allow the flavours to settle a little, lots going off at point, bit just no balance to it. The construction and burn of this cigar was spot on, no canoeing issues or any inconsistency with the burn. If you enjoy the E2, P2 and the 2021 Serie D Espeicales, then the C3 is a treat for you. I will come back to one of these in a few more years, to see how she ages. Even though i get the impression it might take a good 4-5 years to really come alive.

Construction .. 9/10
Burn .. 9/10
Flavour (1/3) .. 8/10
Flavour (2/3) .. 9/10
Flavour (3/3) .. 7/10
Overall .. 8.4/10

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