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2012 Christmas Spice

It’s here! This year’s hand-blended Christmas Spice pipe tobacco is packed full of mixed/mulled fruits, traditional spices and a good helping of dark rum. For Christmas 2021 I have created something slightly new but still based on the previous incarnations (thanks in part to the short supply of the Kretek leaf).

The tobacco blend is made up from Virginia twists, other grades of Virginia, Black & Gold Cavendish and a pinch of Burley and finished off with mixed fruits (cherry, plum & berries), Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cognac and a big dash of Navy Rum.

It smokes slowly with a fruity & spicy flavour and was well received by the Nottingham Pipe Club at the December meeting.

Because of the late release it should hopefully be available into the new year.

- Glynn

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