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Padron Family Reserve No.85 Robusto (Maduro)

padron 85 family reserveOpening Comments
 – Gifted to me by TheGreekOne1969 (Jack). Have been trying to find the right time to try this one and being on holiday I figured this should be the first smoke I have, so at 11am its cigar and Rum & Coke time.

Brand – Padron
Range – Family 85 Reserve (No. 017196)
Vitola – Robusto
Length – 5 ¼”
Ring Gauge – 50
Rolled in – Nicaragua
Filler - Nicaragua
Binder - Nicaragua
Wrapper - Nicaragua

 Pre Light

Appearance – A beautifully made cigar, no thick veins and a Dutch style cap (wrapper is cut to create the cap, not like the Havanas that have a separate cap. Could see a big a thick vein in the foot and very loose areas of filler.
Aroma – Subtle hints of ammonia with dark cocoa & hays from the bosy and sweet woods & hay from the foot
Pre Light Draw – Sweet woods, hay and cocoa.


Draw – Creamy, herbs, dark chocolate, coffee like bitterness towards the end. Complex with lots of flavours fighting to be at the front of the taste.
Exhale – Dry spices with bitter coffee notes and subtle hints of woods
Finish – Bitter coffee notes with a spicy tang


Draw – Less complex/a lot more balanced and subdued. Hints of hickory, leather but still with a bitter coffee/mocha cocoa edge.
Exhale – Aromatic honey with spices, leather and woods
Finish – Bitter notes still but with more of a cocoa and the spicy tang.


Draw – A lot more subdued with similar flavours as the 2/3 but less of the Hickory and the coca/mocha edge. Did find by point that the body had increased from a medium to more of  a Medium-Full bodied, but left me with Burley throat from high levels of Nicotine.
Exhale -  Spices, leather and woods, but like the inhale more subdued and balanced.
Finish – Still got the bitter side with the cocoa and spicy edge

 Overall – An amazing cigar, plenty of lovely Nicaraguan/Padron Maduro flavours. Can see why these cigars have the recommendations they do and also (most of the) price point. Well balanced once the cigar had got going, the first 1/3 was a little over the much going off. But once I hit the ¼ mark the cigar levelled out and smoked really well. I was expecting a few construction issues from the cap, but this never happened and it stayed together well even with me chewing away. The cigar was a good Medium flavour off the bat but becoming Medium/Full by the end and packing a decent nicotine punch too. I would love to get more of these but my finances would not allow this being £40 a stick here in the UK. Throughout the cigar the burn was perfect straight and burnt away to tight white ash. Big thanks to Jack for sending me one of these to try, a great guy with amazing taste in cigars.


1/3 – 7/10
2/3 – 9/10
3/3 – 8/10
Construction – 9/10
Burn – 10/10
Overall – 8.6/10


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  • dt14554 (Craig)

    December 31, 2021 at 5:49 am

    I love the cigar reviews and video’s. I used to keep up with them on YouTube but have not seen any in quite some time. What has become of you? I know many are wondering the same.
    Hope to see more reviews soon.

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