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Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

Dunhill Elizabethan MixtureWhen the Dunhill range was re-released a few years ago many have asked for more to come back. We got the nightcap back and soon we will see Elizabethan Mixture on Tobacconist Gantries very soon. I have managed to get my hands of a tin from a contact somewhere in Europe (no i wont say who). Having never previously tried this blend when it made by either Murrys or Dunhill them selfs, i can not make a comparison to the older variations. Although after having a quick read of TobaccoReviews it seems that this blend had many followers and it makes sense to see this one coming back.

From the tin the blend looks like a mixture of fine Virginias from gold to nut browns and a few tones in between. The cut is mainly fluffy shag with a few bits of broken flake, not sure if its pressed as much as the originals due to the shag and not Broken flake consistency. The aroma from the tin is of Virginias and the Perique count can’t too high as if i wasn’t aware that the blend contained it i wouldn’t have suspected so. I would even go as far to say that from the nose, the blend was of Virginias and Turkish due to a creamy/sour, grassy/hay like aroma.

The first taste, early morning in a old Peterson Donegal Rocky.

The fluffy cut makes for an easy packing experience and the cold draw has a wonderful grassy/hay taste. As soon as you light the tobacco you are geeted with a classic Vaper/VA (Virginia/Perique) flavour, fresh and crisp grassy/hay flavours with a subtle fig note. Due to the cut and the mainly gold leaf, this tobacco burns so freely and needed no touch lights or even a tamp. Then to my surprise the tobacco never got too hot or hash, no matter how fast and hard i pulled at it. I was only smoking this in a small Peterson Donegal Rocky 65, so it could have been the narrow chamber. Need to smoke this in a larger pipe at a later date. The tobacco burnt to a clean white ash and only a little spittle in the base of the pipe, again more due to my dribbling into the pipe/tobacco itself (yeah, yeah i know!).

All in all the Elizabethan mixture is a cracking smoke, does remind me a little of the De Luxe Navy Rolls (DLNR), just quicker and much easier to pack and smoke. The moisture content of the tin(which until now i have said nothing) is perfect, BUT i suspect that the tin may have been open for a little while (it came with the Vacuum seal broken). This blend will not be about until the tail end of the summer here in the UK and i suspect elsewhere in the world. I can see this aging well, maybe not as well as the DLNR which after just 4 years was divine! A VaPer mixture that smokes as well as a flake, is a winner in any book surely!

I cant stop their through! The shag cut and mainly golden blend should make this an ideal tobacco to roll with. So lets see what happens!!!!!

Wow this is a flavoursome cigarette, a little too strong though. The smoke is very creamy with the hay notes and a big whack of Perique every now and then. Maybe if this was mixed say 75% with 25% Virginia Gold then this could be a cracking smoke for those who like a good jolt first thing in the morning.

So there you have it, my first review in a long time and i will be doing more in the very near future.
Take care and peace!

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  • Jimbo

    April 29, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    Good call Glynn. For thr Newark show do you think?

  • Julian

    May 11, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    It is certainly good news. Elizabethan is one of these Dunhill’s, which are virtually unavailable as a “vintage tins”. I remember this tobacco as something special and tasty, slightly similar to Peterson’s Irish Oak. Very much awaited coming back.

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