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Drew Estate – Liga Privada “Dirty Rat”

This was gifted to me a year ago by Jack, a great guy and fellow YouTube Pipe & Cigar presenter. We did a little trade of some rare stuff and this was one in the package(watch the YABO), we have similar tastes, so the trade was easy and very enjoyable. It has been sat in one of the Humidors since and if i can recall he had this for a while him self. Its one of those cigars i have picked up and then changed my mind. The corona vitola is nice for a short smoke, but i would rather have a Lancero or Robusto. With a friend over who wanted to get out of the house for an hour, it seemed like the perfect stick.

Dirty RatBrand – Drew Estate
Range – Liga Privada Unico Serie
Vitola – Dirty Rat (Corona)
Length – 5 ”
Ring Gauge – 44
Rolled in – Nicaragua
Filler - Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan
Binder – Brazilian Mata Fina
Wrapper - Connecticut (Sun-grown Habano)

I will have to admit i did not write any notes on the look, construction or pre light. I wasn’t going to review this cigar, to be honest it was just a smoke to have while chatting. Thanks to Don Wiggins, who asked me to review it here i am. Not something i have done in a while and i feel a little rusty, so expect rambling and general gibberish. Wait that’s normal! From memory the cigar had a beautiful smooth wrapper, a little sheen thanks to some oils and a mature aroma. I don’t remember much from the pre light draw, only it seemed perfectly rolled. Off the bat the smoke was woody with a very delicate floral note, for a few draws i am sure i could taste a little dried fruits. The first third progressed very well and a wonderful creaminess crept in, mild and easy going by this point. A few gentle touches of spice on the exhale, but all they way through i kept imagining i was smoking a Cuban Habano. Something about the crispness and balance in flavours, not an aged Havana more factory fresh if you like.

The middle run saw more body coming through, dynamic, as all great smokes should be. The cream was now a big part of the flavour profile with the herby/floral notes balanced beautifully. The woods now found it self on the exhale and finish, with a little touch of nuts and some sweetness that made for a changing smoke from draw to exhale. Up to this point the burn was perfect and even when i popped back inside to make more Tea it still was burning fine! Yes i drink Tea with everything!

The final third wasn’t a disappointment as far as flavours go, i was hoping for the Dirt Rat to keep growing into a big spicy finish. This last run was slightly duller than the first 2, the cream toned down with very subtle notes of earlier. The finish had all the woods, nuts and sweet floral tones, as i got closer to the end a little dry pepper came through in the finish. All the way through the latter half of the cigar i was convinced this was a less rich Cohiba Classic Line, the flavour profile and way it smoked. That creamy, floral flavour is what got Castro into them when he first tried one of Alonzo Menendez’s during the Revolution. Then as you sometimes find with good cigars the flavours really ballooned in the last few draws, had i trimmed my facial hair i could have smoked a few more draws, but the smell of burning moustache made me stop.

Even with the drop of flavours in the last third, this was an awesome cigar, a slower pace than i would go for with a Nicaraguan. When it comes to spicy cigars nothing compares to Nicaraguan Ligero leaf, well in the cigar world anyway. Perique in a cigar is my idea of heaven, one day i will get one made! Back to the cigar, the flavours reminded me so much of a Cohiba i cant stop making the comparison. Creamy as hell (Dominican leaf?) and the floral notes really gave the Dirty Rat a highly aromatic profile. A very nice cigar, something after a big hearty breakfast or lunch maybe? Not my idea of a evening cigar in the cooler autumn air, still worth a punt for sure!


1/3 – 8/10
2/3 – 9/10
3/3 – 6/10
Construction – 9/10
Burn – 10/10
Overall – 8.4/10

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  • Jack Linos

    September 30, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    So happy you enjoyed and got a glimpse of some other New World cigars. Hope thins finds you and yours, well!

    Cheers mate!


  • Don Wiggins

    September 30, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Great review. Damn that Don Wiggins. haha

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