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As many of you now i know i have left Gauntleys of Nottingham and setup my own online tobacco store. GQ Tobaccos specialising in Artisan Pipes, Boutique Tobaccos and Sublime Snuffs. I have learnt most of skills and through working in the shop, which i started 9 years ago, has taught me a lot about the wonderful industry.

Smoking Pipe Tobaccos at GQTobaccos.com

Over the years i have worked with a large number of manufactures, importers and customers to source some of the finest Tobaccos. Combined with my own blending we carry a large and comprehensive range of over 100 tobaccos. We have something for everyone and if we dont carry your tobacco, just email and if we can, we will stock it.

Pipes at GQTobaccos.comIn the past 5 years we have seen a big increase in not only pipe smoking, but also a rise in Artisan pipe makers. These independent pipe makers work with the highest quality materials and produce stunning pieces that put the big factories to shame. We are planning to showcasing some of the finest of these pipe makers in our extensive pipe range. With pipes from Askwith, Gio, Northern Briars, Nording, Peterson, Savinelli, Stanwell, Chacom, Meerscahum and many more.

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