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Listed are some of the tobaccos i currently produce and also the ones i created for Gauntleys of Nottingham

GQ Blends

House Selection
A range of tobacco with a more traditional feel

Classic English 

GQ Blends - House Selection - Classic EnglishOur Classic English blend has a special place in the heart of our Master Blender, Glynn, and which is very closely related to his first ever tobacco mélange, which we call Nottingham Blend, a tobacco which has fans around the world and gave Glynn his first hands-on experience of making a tobacco. This differs slightly from the original, with brown instead of Black Cavendish and higher proportion of cigar leaf; beginning with a steady and deep foundation of Rich Kentucky and stoved Virginias, a few brighter flue-cured Virginias are added for that little extra sweetness and to help keep the tobacco burning. The use of Brown Cavendish adds a creamy, almost woody, over tone to these complex flavours. The blend is finally finished off with a good handful of Latakia for that distinct “English” taste and aroma. To finish, after the tobaccos have been allowed to settle and marry up, a small amount of cigar filler and binder tobaccos are added for an extra hint of spice. This produces a Classic English blend that we see as our flagship tobacco.

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Classic Balkan (Izmir)

GQ Blends - House Selection - Classic Balkan IzmirA Balkan blend is often comprised of Virginia, Orientals and Latakia, with the Oriental being the main component in the flavour profile. Our Izmir Classic is just that, a complex and honest Balkan blend using Turkish Izmir tobacco. The tobacco’s origin began with our Breakfast Blend by means of the addition of a few differing Virginias and of course, Latakia. This tobacco was first blended in 2021 after a request from a member of the Nottingham Pipe Club and it now has a few “to die for” fans. The addition of sweet, grassy, lemony Virginias from the New World gives a light and refreshing edge to the blend. Fire-cured Virginias and Burley (Kentucky), even in the amounts used on this blend keep the smoke leathery and earthy. While the combination of Latakia and Izmir adds a wonderful creamy smoky core that runs all the way through the tobacco.

Even with this wide selection of tobaccos, we have carefully blended them to create a symphony of flavours that will appeal to most Oriental smokers. The relatively light body (compared to our other Latakia blends) makes this a great introduction to Oriental blends with Latakia.

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Cypriot Sunset

GQ Blends - House Selection - Cypriot SunsetMost English and European Latakia blends are made without using any sweet top dressing or casings, our fellow blenders in America do and the results are stunning. The rich and pungent Latakia works well with most fruity flavours and our Cypriot Sunset is an homage to these modern Latakia blends. Built on a base of ripe, fruit topped red Virigina to give this blend a fruity footing. Sliced black twist, Turkish, dark Virginias and of course Cypriot Latakia is added. The resulting tobacco is sweet to smoke but also savoury thanks to the darker Virginia and Turkish. Think of eating a fruit cake with a peaty whisky. A great desert tobacco and a chance to experience this revolution with Latakia.

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