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GQ Tobaccos

As many of you now i know i have left Gauntleys of Nottingham and setup my own online tobacco store. GQ Tobaccos specialising in Artisan Pipes, Boutique Tobaccos and Sublime Snuffs. I have learnt most of skills and through working in the shop, which i started 9 years ago, has taught me a lot about

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Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

When the Dunhill range was re-released a few years ago many have asked for more to come back. We got the nightcap back and soon we will see Elizabethan Mixture on Tobacconist Gantries very soon. I have managed to get my hands of a tin from a contact somewhere in Europe (no i wont say

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2012 Christmas Spice

It’s here! This year’s hand-blended Christmas Spice pipe tobacco is packed full of mixed/mulled fruits, traditional spices and a good helping of dark rum. For Christmas 2021 I have created something slightly new but still based on the previous incarnations (thanks in part to the short supply of the Kretek leaf). The tobacco blend is

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My Top 7 Cigars of 2021

Every year I have the opportunity and good fortune to taste hundreds of different cigars in order to make my selection for Gauntleys. As the festive season approaches and, as much for my own amusement as anything else, I have selected my top seven. It was going to be six but I just couldn’t bring

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Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 2

Our first full day in Havana we spent out seeing the sites, tasting the drinks, buying the cigars and i brought a fair amount of cigars too. Below is a large selection of the photos and videos i shot on the day.

Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 3

Well the first proper day stated a little early, after a long flight and my first experience at drinking that much rum. So i was a little groggy to say the least when my alarm started blaring out. I soon realised it was a good thing and soon got my ass ready, after shooting the

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Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake

A (late) summary of the June pipe club/YouTube (international) meeting and a review of the Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake. For more details on the next (July) pipe club, please visit the pipe club website or the Facebook page

New Products

We have 2 new exciting new products on the market here in the UK. The new Summer Limited Edition Peterson blend and the UK Regional Punch Medalla de Oro. Plus a quick catch up! Peterson 2021 Summer Time Blend http://cigars.gauntleys.com/product5514-peterson-tobacco-summer-time-2012-100… Punch – Medalla de Oro (UK Regional Release 2011) http://cigars.gauntleys.com/product5513-punch-medalla-de-oro-2011-uk-limited-…

Brick House – Short Torpedo

A cigar review of the Brick House Short Torpedo The article i wrote with some info on this cigar Brick House cigars first arrived on the scene in 1937, when production began in America using 100% imported Cuban leaf. The Embargo however saw the end of these cigars, along with many other brands that used

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Nub Maduro 464T

Originally released towards the end of 2009 in America and then made their way to our shores in 2011. The Nub maduro utilises a core of robusto Nicaraguan tobaccos all dressed in a oily Maduro wrapper. The result is creamy smoke packed with sweet dark chocolate flavours, with hints of coffee and a long almost

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