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My Top 7 Cigars of 2021

Every year I have the opportunity and good fortune to taste hundreds of different cigars in order to make my selection for Gauntleys. As the festive season approaches and, as much for my own amusement as anything else, I have selected my top seven. It was going to be six but I just couldn’t bring

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Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 2

Our first full day in Havana we spent out seeing the sites, tasting the drinks, buying the cigars and i brought a fair amount of cigars too. Below is a large selection of the photos and videos i shot on the day.

Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 3

Well the first proper day stated a little early, after a long flight and my first experience at drinking that much rum. So i was a little groggy to say the least when my alarm started blaring out. I soon realised it was a good thing and soon got my ass ready, after shooting the

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New Products

We have 2 new exciting new products on the market here in the UK. The new Summer Limited Edition Peterson blend and the UK Regional Punch Medalla de Oro. Plus a quick catch up! Peterson 2021 Summer Time Blend http://cigars.gauntleys.com/product5514-peterson-tobacco-summer-time-2012-100… Punch – Medalla de Oro (UK Regional Release 2011) http://cigars.gauntleys.com/product5513-punch-medalla-de-oro-2011-uk-limited-…

Hands of our Packs

This is call for help from every UK smoker, be Pipe, Cigar, Cigarette or Rollup. The UK Goverbment is currently untaking a consultation on the proposed Plain Packaging. We have until early July to voice our opinions before its too late. The plain packs as shown on TV are nothing like what is actually being

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Héctor Luis Prieto Díaz

On my trip to Cuba we met  Héctor Luis Prieto Díaz, one of the industries highest regarded farmers.

Plain pack consultation “threatens to be a farce”

Republication of the FOREST news letter (Fri 13th April 2021)   Plain pack consultation “threatens to be a farce” NEWS RELEASE Friday 13 April 2021 The smokers’ group Forest, which runs the Hands Off Our Packs campaign, has urged consumers and retailers to “defend Britain from excessive regulation”. Responding to comments by Health Secretary Andrew

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New & Delisted Products 2021 (Budget Time)

New Products New Drum Natural tobacco – Pretty poor to be honest, tastes like cardboard smells. Was hoping for a typical Drum/Dutch flavour….but no! Brick House Cigars are coming very soon, cant wait for these! Independecia 1898 Cigars Antonio Gimenez Cigars Flor  de Filipinas Cigars Vasco Da Gama – Capo D’oro & Brazilian Tubos New

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Troost Slice, Cuba & 301 YT Subs

My first impressions of Troost Slices, brought for me by BobyvanSasen (http://www.youtube.com/user/BobbyVanSasen) in Holland earlier this year. Out of the tin it smells like a typical blend, sweet with a tobacco aroma to boot. Smoked nice but to sweet for me, i would have been happier with a straight VaB blend. But hey this isnt

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Merry Christmas

Sorry  for not updataing the site over the last month, its been a manic manic month in the shop. For all of you who have been on here over the last year, i thank you all. Have a great christmas and expect a lot more in the new year Take care folks Glynn