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Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

When the Dunhill range was re-released a few years ago many have asked for more to come back. We got the nightcap back and soon we will see Elizabethan Mixture on Tobacconist Gantries very soon. I have managed to get my hands of a tin from a contact somewhere in Europe (no i wont say

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2012 Christmas Spice

It’s here! This year’s hand-blended Christmas Spice pipe tobacco is packed full of mixed/mulled fruits, traditional spices and a good helping of dark rum. For Christmas 2021 I have created something slightly new but still based on the previous incarnations (thanks in part to the short supply of the Kretek leaf). The tobacco blend is

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Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 3

Well the first proper day stated a little early, after a long flight and my first experience at drinking that much rum. So i was a little groggy to say the least when my alarm started blaring out. I soon realised it was a good thing and soon got my ass ready, after shooting the

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Hands of our Packs

This is call for help from every UK smoker, be Pipe, Cigar, Cigarette or Rollup. The UK Goverbment is currently untaking a consultation on the proposed Plain Packaging. We have until early July to voice our opinions before its too late. The plain packs as shown on TV are nothing like what is actually being

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New Peterson Pipe Of The Year & Special Reserve 2021

A quick video showing you the new Peterson Pipe of the Year 2021 & Special Reserve Tobacco 2021 Buy online from Gauntleys.com Pipes - http://cigars.gauntleys.com/search.php?f=producttype:pipes,producercodename:p… Tobacco - http://cigars.gauntleys.com/product5451-peterson-tobacco-special-reserve-2012… (UK Only)

Plain pack consultation “threatens to be a farce”

Republication of the FOREST news letter (Fri 13th April 2021)   Plain pack consultation “threatens to be a farce” NEWS RELEASE Friday 13 April 2021 The smokers’ group Forest, which runs the Hands Off Our Packs campaign, has urged consumers and retailers to “defend Britain from excessive regulation”. Responding to comments by Health Secretary Andrew

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New & Delisted Products 2021 (Budget Time)

New Products New Drum Natural tobacco – Pretty poor to be honest, tastes like cardboard smells. Was hoping for a typical Drum/Dutch flavour….but no! Brick House Cigars are coming very soon, cant wait for these! Independecia 1898 Cigars Antonio Gimenez Cigars Flor  de Filipinas Cigars Vasco Da Gama – Capo D’oro & Brazilian Tubos New

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How I Blend Pipe Tobaccos

A video on how i blend, flavour and mature tobaccos. I am no expert at this, i have been fiddling with tobacco for a few years and so far this is my understanding. I hope this video enourages others to have a go or even try some of my creations (UK Only, sorry) To try

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Maya Shag & Fine Cut Tobaccos

2 new tobaccos in the UK, Maya comes in both Fine Cut & Shag Cut Not a big fan of the rolling, run of the mill “Mild/Smooth/Yellow” blend. Heavily topped with a licorice and other earthy flavours, not keen on the industrial finish though. But would suit those who enjoy Amber Leaf, Golden Virginia or

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January Pipe Club & Reviews

Well we had a great night again, about 20-25 people tunred up. The tobaccos went down well, i dont think many got on well with the Twists though. Filmed by AD – www.youtube.com/user/ADzPipes The tobaccos we had on offer where; Kendal Brown Cherry Twist Kendal Sweet Brown Pig Tail Peterson Sunset Breeze Mac Baren –

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