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My Top 7 Cigars of 2021

Every year I have the opportunity and good fortune to taste hundreds of different cigars in order to make my selection for Gauntleys. As the festive season approaches and, as much for my own amusement as anything else, I have selected my top seven. It was going to be six but I just couldn’t bring

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Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 2

Our first full day in Havana we spent out seeing the sites, tasting the drinks, buying the cigars and i brought a fair amount of cigars too. Below is a large selection of the photos and videos i shot on the day.

Cuba Smoking Diary – Day 3

Well the first proper day stated a little early, after a long flight and my first experience at drinking that much rum. So i was a little groggy to say the least when my alarm started blaring out. I soon realised it was a good thing and soon got my ass ready, after shooting the

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An Introduction to Pipe Smoking – Part 3

Part 3 of our Introduction to pipe smoking series. In this final video talk about cleaning your pipe & building up the carbon cake After smoking your pipe remove the dottle and run a pipe cleaner through the pipe Once the pipe has cooled down, remove the stem and again clean a little more with

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An Introduction to Pipe Smoking – Part 2

Part 2 of our Introduction to pipe smoking series. In this video we talk about the correct ways to fill, light and smoke your pipe. Plus a few tips to ensure you get the best smoke possible from your pipe. Filling the bowl 2 of the most popular and easiest methods to fill the pipe

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Plain pack consultation “threatens to be a farce”

Republication of the FOREST news letter (Fri 13th April 2021)   Plain pack consultation “threatens to be a farce” NEWS RELEASE Friday 13 April 2021 The smokers’ group Forest, which runs the Hands Off Our Packs campaign, has urged consumers and retailers to “defend Britain from excessive regulation”. Responding to comments by Health Secretary Andrew

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Cuba Smoking Diary – Prelude

So the time for the trip is here and i cant wait. We fly out on the Sunday and i headed to Gatwick on the Saturday to meet a few of the people going before the hellish flight. These videos are my Logs of the trip and i hope you enjoy them. Day -1 (Saturday)

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Wilsons of Sharrow

Talking about my visit to the Wilsons of Sharrow snuff factory. Didnt get the interview or even much footage. We did however see the water mill in action and caught in on camera. I refer to the “Gear Box” i guess it should be classed as the transmission, im not very clued up on C18th

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State of Play (Feb 2021) – Display Ban Upadte

No products can be seen by members of the general public

• It is a criminal offence to SHOW or TELL a person under 18 what tobacco products you sell.
• You can show a product on request, but only if they specifically ask about said product. If they have a general enquiry then only a pricelist is allowed.
• It is also an offence for another person to see a tobacco product as a result of some one requesting to see tobacco. You can only show someone a tobacco product in a 1.5m area.

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Uptowns Honeymeade

2 belated package openings & a review of Uptowns Honeymeade. A great tobacco, smooth and sweet. Thans to Mo & Mark for the kind gifts. Will have to come back to the honey meade as im not sure at all about it. This is the most uncertain video i have shot. Thanks for watching