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An Introduction to Pipe Smoking – Part 3

Part 3 of our Introduction to pipe smoking series. In this final video talk about cleaning your pipe & building up the carbon cake After smoking your pipe remove the dottle and run a pipe cleaner through the pipe Once the pipe has cooled down, remove the stem and again clean a little more with

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An Introduction to Pipe Smoking – Part 2

Part 2 of our Introduction to pipe smoking series. In this video we talk about the correct ways to fill, light and smoke your pipe. Plus a few tips to ensure you get the best smoke possible from your pipe. Filling the bowl 2 of the most popular and easiest methods to fill the pipe

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An Introduction to Pipe Smoking Pt1

Part 1 of our Introduction to pipe smoking series. In this video we talk about not only choosing a pipe but also the essential accessories needed to start enjoying the world of pipe smoking. First you will need a pipe. You have a number of choices to suit any budget, from wooden pipes to clay

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Carter Hall Revisited

So after the ghosting from 2 other pipes while smoking the Cater Hall, i opted to smoke it in a unsmoked briar. Much better and hopfully a accurate review. Also been asked about London Dock blend, anyone remember it. Going to make something along those lines but having never smoked it before i dont know

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No Name No.2 (In Paper)

So does No Name No2 smoke better as a snout* or in a pipe? *snout as in tab, you know “nippin fura snout yof, ya wunt wun n-all?”

Wilsons of Sharrow

Talking about my visit to the Wilsons of Sharrow snuff factory. Didnt get the interview or even much footage. We did however see the water mill in action and caught in on camera. I refer to the “Gear Box” i guess it should be classed as the transmission, im not very clued up on C18th

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Uptowns Honeymeade

2 belated package openings & a review of Uptowns Honeymeade. A great tobacco, smooth and sweet. Thans to Mo & Mark for the kind gifts. Will have to come back to the honey meade as im not sure at all about it. This is the most uncertain video i have shot. Thanks for watching

How I Blend Pipe Tobaccos

A video on how i blend, flavour and mature tobaccos. I am no expert at this, i have been fiddling with tobacco for a few years and so far this is my understanding. I hope this video enourages others to have a go or even try some of my creations (UK Only, sorry) To try

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Merry Christmas

Sorry  for not updataing the site over the last month, its been a manic manic month in the shop. For all of you who have been on here over the last year, i thank you all. Have a great christmas and expect a lot more in the new year Take care folks Glynn

Peterson System Stems

Just passing the message around so no one ends up buying a stem that wont fit. Peterson have changed the stem sizes and (slightly) the bowl shapes of the “Standard System Range. We only found out a week ago, i was told me when i ordered that the sizes had changed and the new stems

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