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Drew Estate – Liga Privada “Dirty Rat”

This was gifted to me a year ago by Jack, a great guy and fellow YouTube Pipe & Cigar presenter. We did a little trade of some rare stuff and this was one in the package(watch the YABO), we have similar tastes, so the trade was easy and very enjoyable. It has been sat in

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Alec Bradly – Black Market Robusto

Opening Comments – These are soon to be imported to the UK and we first saw these at the 2021 AITS Trade Show. With only one box of these in the country I was lucky enough to get me some of these to try, by pleading and having a good friend leaving the industry who some

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Padron Family Reserve No.85 Robusto (Maduro)

Opening Comments – Gifted to me by TheGreekOne1969 (Jack). Have been trying to find the right time to try this one and being on holiday I figured this should be the first smoke I have, so at 11am its cigar and Rum & Coke time. Brand – Padron Range – Family 85 Reserve (No. 017196) Vitola

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Partagas Serie C No3 (2012 Limited Edition)

I love the fact that Partagas is a popular brand to make limited editions of and this years looks very promising. This years Partagas is another recreation of one of the old 1930′s serie A,B,C or D. Since the start of the Edicion Limitada at the turn of the millenium, the whole Serie D range

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Bolivar Britanicas 2011 UK Regional Release

As many of you know each year Habanos release regional limited edition cigars and often these come out a little late. The 2011 UK Regional only came out earlier this year, around the time of the Diamond Jubilee. So we can either call this the 2011 UK Regional as Habanos do, or the 2021 as

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Brick House – Short Torpedo

A cigar review of the Brick House Short Torpedo The article i wrote with some info on this cigar Brick House cigars first arrived on the scene in 1937, when production began in America using 100% imported Cuban leaf. The Embargo however saw the end of these cigars, along with many other brands that used

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Nub Maduro 464T

Originally released towards the end of 2009 in America and then made their way to our shores in 2011. The Nub maduro utilises a core of robusto Nicaraguan tobaccos all dressed in a oily Maduro wrapper. The result is creamy smoke packed with sweet dark chocolate flavours, with hints of coffee and a long almost

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Independencia 1898 Robusto

A long review of the Independencia 1898 Robusto, hand made in the Philippines. Made using a blend of Isabela filler tobaccos with an Isabela binder and Java wrapper. They are a smooth, full bodied and robust flavoured cigar . 5″x52

Mystic Nerds Review & 2 Cigar Reviews

A breakfast time review of Just for Him Mystic Nerds, with 2 cigar reviews My Father Cigars – Cedro Deluxe Cervantes & Antonio Gimenez – Corona

Opus X – Robusto

I had a choice last night….smoke the Acid Kuba Kuba or an Opus x Robusto……at first i tried the Acid…….then i killed it and had to wait a while for that god damn awful taste to leave me! watch the video - http://youtu.be/V1DH8Z8tsIA Then i hit the Opus x Robusto