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Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

When the Dunhill range was re-released a few years ago many have asked for more to come back. We got the nightcap back and soon we will see Elizabethan Mixture on Tobacconist Gantries very soon. I have managed to get my hands of a tin from a contact somewhere in Europe (no i wont say

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Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake

A (late) summary of the June pipe club/YouTube (international) meeting and a review of the Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake. For more details on the next (July) pipe club, please visit the pipe club website or the Facebook page

Carter Hall Revisited

So after the ghosting from 2 other pipes while smoking the Cater Hall, i opted to smoke it in a unsmoked briar. Much better and hopfully a accurate review. Also been asked about London Dock blend, anyone remember it. Going to make something along those lines but having never smoked it before i dont know

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Mystic Nerds Review & 2 Cigar Reviews

A breakfast time review of Just for Him Mystic Nerds, with 2 cigar reviews My Father Cigars – Cedro Deluxe Cervantes & Antonio Gimenez – Corona

(Post) May Pipe Club

Last night was the May (Nottingham, UK) Pipe Club. Not the biggest turn out but still a cracking night had by all. No samples on sale but most brought some awesome tobaccos and we all had a good time (I think) Next meeting Monday 4th June @ Same place, same time Lincolnshire Poacher – 7pm

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Three Nuns Review (Tinned) – Imco (Sad News)

My first smoke in my Giacomo Polished egg, its a great pipe to smoke and a great tobacco. Pipe made by http://www.youtube.com/user/giacomomora/featured Also been told sad news that Imco have called it a day, after over 100 years. http://www.imco.at/en/

Carter Hall (First Impressions)

My first smoke of Carter Hall and oh boy is it a cracking smoke or what. Its easy to pack, burns freely and is full of sweet nutty & slightly fruity flavours.Has elements of Petersons Nutty cut & Short Cut to Mushrooms, i find. A true classic American smoke, made from Nutty burley & a

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Just for Him – Shortcut to Mushrooms

An interesting tobacco, too sweet and lacking balls for me. But a great tobacco for what it is, if you know what i mean

Gawith Hoggarths – No 12 Mixture

Breaking in my new Gio pipe with some (more) Gawith Hoggarths No 12 Mixture. Not 20 or 22 as i refer it too, to many numbers in blends….. The pipe smoke amazingly, only draw back was the fact its only 1/2 bowl……..give it time and she will burn for good smoke. Thanks again John

McClelland – Virginia and Perique Flake

One hell of a cracking tobacco, its strong by the end. Head swimmingly strong, love the flavours even the vinegar start.