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How I Blend Pipe Tobaccos

A video on how i blend, flavour and mature tobaccos. I am no expert at this, i have been fiddling with tobacco for a few years and so far this is my understanding. I hope this video enourages others to have a go or even try some of my creations (UK Only, sorry) To try

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Merry Christmas

Sorry  for not updataing the site over the last month, its been a manic manic month in the shop. For all of you who have been on here over the last year, i thank you all. Have a great christmas and expect a lot more in the new year Take care folks Glynn

Burley With or Without Smoke (Pt3)

To finish of this series, i have mixed Burley 50/50 with Kentucky.   Smells like a mix between the two. Left for a fews hours to settle. Smokes well, has a good meld of the 2 flavours. Still needs more, something extra. The spectrum of flavour seems to closely grouped. To sum all this up,

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Burley With or Without Smoke (Pt2)

I had a few options open to me for this one, i could use either; Kentucky – Fire Cured Burley or Perique – Fermented Burley I opted to go for some Kentucky,  i will do Perique later. I use Kentucky in a lot of blends, both pipe and rolling. It has a full flavour and

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Burley With or Without Smoke (Pt1)

Following on from the Cavendish videos in my series on Base Tobaccos. I am now trying to explain the differences with Burley both sun & fire cured. Armed with  Burley & Kentucky (fire cured Burley) from Gawith Hoggarth, i smoke them pure in both pipe and cigarette. Up first Burley Mr Webb in 1864 in Ohio. The

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Twists :: Black & Brown

A video i shot about Black & Brown twists. I originally sent Knightdor (bob) some Black XXX, he later passed it on to TheWanderingRecluse. The response these tobacco received, inspired me to make this video (in HD) All produced by Gawith Hoggarth. Shown in video; Sweet Brown Pig, Brown/Happy Bogie, Irish Twist, Black Pig & Black XXX

English Black Cavendish (Pinning Down Cavendish Pt5)

Producer — Gawith Hoggarth Product — Black Cavendish Tobacco — Fire/Flu Cured Virginias Cut — Course Cut Smoky, fire cured aorma Looks like Latakia but smells like Perique/Kentucky hybrid Subtle sweetness, but mainly tangy woods, leather & spice. Sweet cedars developing early on the finish Complex cigar like flavours Good amount of nicotine Sweetness grows but remains a

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Dutch Cavendish (Pining Down Cavendish Pt4)

The use of complex blends of leafs, creates a more natural smoke compared to the American Gold Cavendishes. There isn’t as many flavouring or as much casing needed. The Sail is made up from Virginia, Burley, Latakia, Indian & Indonesian with a light maple/honey casing. This is a “Supermarket/Drug Store” blend from Holland.

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Dark Virginia Cavendish (Pinning Down Cavendish Pt3)

  • Heavily Cased, rich butter cookie aroma
  • Very smooth and cool to smoke.
  • Distinct nutty dark Virginia flavour, with a sweet butter cookie & vanilla notes
  • Leaves a sticky coating in my mouth, burnt sugars & maple.
  • Bites if you smoke slow burns fine, but bites straight away.
  • Looses the Virginia’s flavours and is just sweet towards the end.
  • Burns very quickly
  • The sticky sweetness last for a long time.

Smokes well, very sweet but needs the added flavour. Sold with a chocolate topping, but could be used as an interest ingredient.

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Pinning down Cavendish – Summary

The summary of this long series of videos. Only comparing the 3 Dark Cavendish’s, the Sail will come later American Cavendish Light and sweet, has some of its subtle tastes. Its creamy and smooth, makes a great base for aromatics. Needs some added flavour, to replace those lost in the steam sweating process. DVC (Dark

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