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Jip Medicated Snuff

Jip menthol is a powerful snuff, really strong menthol and nicotine hit & then its gone. Great for those who want a very quick pick me up without the lingering effects of the snuff.

Fribourg & Treyer – Princes Special

Fribourg & Treyer – Princes Special Snuff Review Wasnt over keen on this one. Colour on this one is darker than the Bordeaux but lighter than Princes. Fair amount of moisture, simular consitancy to Old Paris but a little more clumpy. Out of tin its got a little ammonia, pungent fruity tangs but mainly that

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Kendal Brown Comparison (Wilsons & GH)

I compare the Wilsons of Sharrow & Gawith Hogagrths Kendal Brown Snuff. A weird one, lots of nicotine and very little scent. Could be good as an alternative to smoking. But cant see my self really getting into this one. Will have to try the others at some point, i hear the 25 tubs of

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Fribourg & Treyer – Princes

Wow the smell when you open this one, takes your breathe away. Its rich and slightly ammonia in style, plus its very dark in colour. Not to moist or course, was expecting it to be a little like the santa domingo.

Wilsons of Sharrow – Strasbourg

A very Fribourg & Treyer Style snuff, packed full of musky/fusty aromas. Love the flavours but the base isnt as enjoyable as the FT ones. Its a dry and finely ground snuff, it did hit the back of my nose and the flavours die very quickly. Would be a great snuff to get into the

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Fribourg & Treyer – Patchouli

FT Patchouli Snuff Review with a Blend of Patchouli & Dr J R Justic (50/50) Filmed & Edited Glynn Quelch http://www.MrTobacco.co.uk http://Facebook.com/glynn.quelch http://Twitter.com/glo0 Happy IPSD 2021

Fribourg & Treyer – Bordeaux

2 Package openings from : FT& PiperJoffUK
Plus Fribourg & Treyer – Bordeaux Snuff Review

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Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo & Dr J R Justice Reviews

A very delayed YAPO upload and 2 snuff reviews YAPO ************************* Aliens Finger Tamper & Cigars From Patrick, thank you again mate http://www.youtube.com/patrickthepipe Snuff Reviews ************************* Fribourg & Treyer – Santo Domingo Fribourg & Treyer – Dr J R Justice Thanks for watching, see you all soon Links ************************* http://www.MrTobacco.co.uk http://www.NottinghamTobacco.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/glynn.quelch http://www.Twitter.com/glo0 Category:  

Catch Up, Reviews (Pipe, Rolling & Snuff)

A catch up, been busy and had to try and remember everything. Reviews ****************************** Pipe Tobacco Reviews Krys’s take on Gauntleys – Yataghan Ratrrays – Halo The Wynd Unknown Aromatic Snuff Reviews Wilsons of Sharrow – Prime Minister Ozona – President Snuff Rolling Tobacco Karelia Hand Rolling Tobacco The Good Dram Show ****************************** If you

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Toque – Chocolate

Toque – Chocolate Snuff\Review Thanks for watching Follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/glo0 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/glynn.quelch