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I have a love for the sticks and i am not fussy where they come from. To me a good cigar is one that you enjoy, the history and prestige is only 1 part of it. Many would say only the Cubans know how to grow and make tobacco, but i disagree. These reviews i hope will show that, i try to review most of what i smoke, MOST! Please remember that these reviews reflect my taste buds and sense of smell. If you find the flavours different and disagree with my review, please post your comments. The time of day, the weather, humidity, what you are drinking, been eating and mood all effect the experience.

So as i said please enjoy by badly written reviews, i sure do smoking and writing them

Hand Rolled Cigar reviews

A Turrent “6 Generations” – Gran Petit Robusto
Alec Bradley – Black Market Robusto
Alonso Menendez – No 40
Antonio Gimenez – Corona
Arturo Fuente – Don Carlos No 4
Arturo Fuente – Petit Corona
Arturo Fuente “Opus X” – Robusto (1st Review, 2nd Review)
Ashton Puro Sol – Double Corona
Bolivar – Britanicas (2011 UK Regional Release)
Bolivar – Gold Medal (2008 Re-Release)
Brick House – Short Torpedo
Casa Torano – Robusto
CAO Brazilia Piranha
CAO Italia Novella
Cain Maduro 550
Cohiba Behike 52
Cohiba Maduro 5 – Secretos
Cuaba – Generosos
Dominican Estates – Corona
Don Antonio “Red” – Churchill
Drew Estate – Liga Privada Unico Serie “Dirty Rat”
El Rey del Mundo – Choix de L’Epoque (2009 UK Rel)
El Rey del Mundo – Choix Supreme
Fonseca – Cosacos
Griffin 500 (Maduro)
God of Fire (Don Carlos 2006) – Robusto
H Upmann – Corona Junior
Hoyo De Monterrey – Regal (2007 Ltd Ed)
Independencia 1898 – Robusto
Isthmus – Robusto (Maduro)
La Aurora – Sublimes
La Flor de Cano – Short Robusto
La Invicta – Maduro
Macanudo – Hampton Court (Maduro)
Macanudo – Petit Corona
Montecristo “Open” – Junior
Montecristo “Open” – Master
My Father – Cedro Deluxe Cervantes
Nub – Habano 358
Nub Maduro 464T
Oliva Serie G Maduro – Robusto
Oliva Serie V – Belicosos
Oliva Serice V Belicosos (Revisitied)
Padron Family 85 Reserve Robusto (Maduro)
Partagas – Lucitainia (2008)
Partagas – Serie C No3 (2012 Ltd Ed)
Partagas – Serie Du Connaisseur No 1
Partagas – Serie D no 5 (2008 Ltd Ed)
Partagas – Serie D Espeicales (2010 Ltd Ed)
Por Larranga – Regalias de Londres
Private Stock – Corona
Punch – Coronation
Punch – Corona (98)
Punch Royal Selection No 12
Punch Serie D’Oro No1 (2008 UK Rel)
Quintero – Tubulares
Regius – Corona
Regius – Lord Madsen
Regius – Robusto
Rocky Patel ’92 – Junior
Romeo y Julieta – No 2
Romeo y Julieta – Wide Churchill
Saint Luis Rey – Regios
San Cristobal de la Habana- La Punta
Sancho Panza – Molino (98)
Santa Clara – No4 (2004 Special Edition)
Santa Damiana – Panatella
Santa Damiana – Tubulares Extra
Tatuaje – Cafe Noella
Te Amo WSS Nicaraguan Blend – Robusto
Vegas Robaina – Famosos
Vegas Robaina – Familiar (99)
Villiger 1888  Short Robusto
Vegafina – Robusto
Winston Churchill – Lancaster

Machine Rolled Cigar Reviews

Cafe Creme – French Vanilla
Cafe Creme Italian Maccinato
Captain Black – Small Cigars
De Heeren van Ruysdael – Corona Invinisible Grandes XO
De Olifant – Corona
De Olifant – Matelief
De Olifant – Matelief (Brazil)
De Vrjburgh – Cigarillos
E Nobel – Petit Dominican
Oud Kampen – Cigarillo Elite
Vasco Da Gama No2 (Corona)
Vasco Da Gama – No3 (Robusto)

Regalias de Londres


  • william

    July 9, 2021 at 11:57 am

    what cigar do you like the most ?
    my dad recently bought some villigar No 7s
    back from france ive tryed 2 they smoke well. :cool:

  • william

    July 9, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
    i like to smoke to

  • william

    July 21, 2021 at 3:13 pm

    :cool: what do you think of domenico cigar ?

  • william

    July 21, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    :roll: :lol: :cool:

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